It is unfair that in the same league, Teams with Atlas and Teams without Atlas compete together

Anyone agrees with above comment? We are a very active team and not having Atlas is making us compete in worse conditions than the test of the teams within the same league. @PG when all Teams in Platinium league will have access to Atlas?


I’m in Platinum league too, in a team without atlas. While I think that, yes, atlas teams do have an advantage, I don’t find it to be an advantage that can massively affect our chances of moving up. I think it adds a fun element of competition to events. If your aim is sapphire, yes it’s going to be harder to go up against teams with atlas and reach that aim. But that just further proves your teams strength if you can get up there.


Atlas teams have a distinct advantage in their gear. It boosts their base dp n dragon ap n hp


What about Wars? With Atlas you are having the chance to get more clocks to improve your bases, more rewards for the armours. At the end, you can not compete in the same conditions than the rest. The bases from an Atlas Team normally have a higher defense than ours. Also because of the better armours, they have better attacking and defensive armour riders. Finally when recruiting, higher players usually prefer Atlas because they are used to easily grow up their dragons in Atlas. Having said that… I do not see a benefit for the Team, not having access to Atlas

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Teams with atlas have an advantage, sure. So do teams with high level players, teams with good flyers, teams with optimized bases etc etc. The teams with more advantages tend to win and go up (unless they decide to sandbag), teams with less advantages lose and go down. I don’t really see how this is different from having level 300 and 400 players in the same league.


The difference is that you can convince good flyers to come to your Team by doing things really good, however it is not in your hands to get access to Atlas…
Or if you know how to convince PG to get access to Atlas, let me know it :wink:

I don’t think there’s a benefit to non-atlas teams. Nowadays the majority of leagues in Platinum do have atlas, as do several teams in Gold I. I don’t really see the possibility of splitting leagues into atlas and non atlas. Another platinum atlas rollout also seems unlikely, as from what I understand atlas has enough issues on it’s own. I’ve been in that position of having a war with an atlas team that has higher levelled members, or stronger bases. But at the moment it just seems like it’s an issue non-atlas teams will have to deal with for a bit.

What can we do? It is not fair and honestly speaking something should happen so we all play in same conditions.

It’s been discussed a few times in the past.

Platinum Leagues sorted into Atlas & non-Atlas factions

Sadly a lot of things are unfair :sweat_smile:

More than one year ago and nothing changed! Should we accept it as it is? I am sure that Neworder is not the only team thinking this way. I may understand that the Teams having Atlas are not Interested in that being changed as it is in their benefit.
You pointed out something interesting, few teams in Platinum do not have Atlas, what will be the diference for them to give those teams access.

You should have Atlas isn’t it? :joy::joy::joy:

Join a team with atlas.


:point_up_2:t2:what he said

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And if I want to play in the Team I started and grew up… no chance to get Atlas…
So this game is unfair and no one will do anything to change it.
So a Team just created will not the same opportunities you have when your Team was created. If this is the mindset the game will not grow up…

You have Atlas isn’t it? At the end what you want is to get better opprtunities than the teams without Atlas. You will get better players and better rewards… quite selfish :joy::joy::joy:

There are plenty of atlas teams with spots available. Some could probably fit at least half your team.

No one said it’s fair, it’s just the way things are. You want it changed you better start tagging PG employees.

It was 8 months ago. There are issues with atlas that are ongoing, as well as other problems such as trying to fix events like Kingdom Wars. I don’t think that making a split league is at the top of PG’s list of problems to fix. Your team most definitely can get atlas. Old disbanded atlas teams can be taken over, you can merge with an atlas team. Reaching sapphire isn’t the only way. Platinum is a vast league, when I say that very few don’t have atlas, I don’t mean a couple of teams. Atlas already has enough issues affecting enough players, why would they roll it our to more teams to further increase the amount of players having issues with atlas?


Yes Atlas gives more shards and timers if members participate. If your team is carried by a small handful of players…like many teams…atlas will only add more headaches to teams like that. There are so many parts to atlas…if I had to do it again i STILL would NOT go to atlas while I was leading my old team…we disbanded it and joined atlas teams. That is where I have been learning for almost 2 years…and still would not feel comfortable leading an atlas team without a very atlas knowledgeable base. So yes it does have some advantages…but it also has a lot more headaches