It’s been long enough.... time to get rid of automatic Troop transfers

I’ve been on this game for a few years and I still have yet to meet a single person who gets excited and enjoys that when you complete troop builds troops are transferred directly to your selected prim if it’s on your home castle. It ranges from a mild annoyance to a significant dilemma as troop assignments for guarding castles are generally kept low and you cannot move troops back to barracks.

Let’s list this out.


  1. Can leave you with too many troops on you prim, which you cannot remove without either condensing the troops to one prim and summoning the Fighter, then redistribute into. That’s assuming you are assigned 20k troops or more at castles.

  2. To avoid this we have to cautiously chose what castle is our home, often leaving people resorting to making neutral castles home which reduces tax income.

  3. Often makes people resorting to Aligane or parking in NML when they can’t wait for a swap partner resulting in significant troop waste if some jerk high level snipes you because they can use krelos on your base.(I won’t grump about krelos right now, but that also ruined atlas.)

Things it’s good for:

  1. Absolutely nothing (Say it again, y’all!)

I’d love to see this finally removed. While we have mostly learned to work around it, the moments you forget sends you into a time suck of maneuvers that shouldn’t even need to happen.

Curmudgeonly yours,


Just to play devil’s advocate, there is a pro. Say you need to get a prim up with troops as fast as possible for whatever reason. If you have completed troops that you haven’t collected, you can summon your prim and just claim the troops. They will automatically go to the prim and it’s faster than going through the whole process of transferring troops.


Sure, and how many times have you had such an urgent need for speed, that you need to save those extra 15 seconds, given you cannot summon or load prims when the enemy is at that castle?


This is the exact reason for speed. Otherwise, those 15 seconds wouldn’t really matter. Speed is also nice (but not essential) for things like raids so you can help as much as possible and get more runs in.

Again, how many times have you done this? Sounds like you must do it a lot.

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Please tell me what you mean, I’m not good at reading between lines :neutral_face:

I believe they changed this so that the team tax rate is charged even if neutral is set home. This was after they did the neutral 10% rate and it was asked to make it so that tax was universal since banks are centralized.

As for the rest of it, I personally don’t see it as a bad thing since it is easily avoided. Just switch to a primarch not at home before claiming troops. It can be annoying when you forget, but still easily avoidable. Would be a nice to have, but not a need to have right now.

No reading between the lines necessary. How many times have you needed to save 15 seconds and wanted to just complete troop builds so it transfers directly to prim. Keeping in mind that you will likely have either 2,400 troops or 12,000 being moved, the first being usually too little and the second being generally too many. Not to mention, you would need to have not completed troops yet, which most of us do immediately so we can get our farmers regenerating sooner.

I even said it’s avoidable. But what’s the point of needing to avoid it. I usually avoid it, but sometimes I pop on to get a new batch of troops cooking and forget I had a prim summoning there and it’s obnoxious. The point is, it’s only a nuisance, as there are no real benefits. It’s a feature that could easily be removed so we don’t have to navigate around a pointless feature.

I’m glad the tax feature was change, I thought it was a bit more complicated than that. But that was a good change.

Only a few times, but its a nice feature in certain situations. Better to have the speed if you want than to not have the option for some extra speed at all.

Well today’s your lucky day :wave:

lets say you have a Trapper parked at “Home” but currently have another Prim in hand or controlling, your finished troops will go to the barracks…if you have another Prim available but controlling the Trapper, then troops will go to the Trapper. Before you finish training switch Primarchs or move your “Home”
this takes less than 15 sec

… yeah… I know. The 15 seconds, was at max the amount of time it takes to just select prim and manual assign troops. 15 seconds was being generous to the opposing parties. Really it’s more like 5 seconds additional time. I have yet to hear a situation where it is necessary or truly useful. Unless you team is so inactive that you’re the only person defending a castle.


Have you never had those multimillion troop defences? Of course those seconds are important especially when you’re up against some of the biggest teams activity and size wise in the game

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A few weeks ago when I tried to save our castle

ruined Atlas indeed for all of us who did not get him…I didn’t get him bcuz that was the season i was hoarding golds for the following seasons mythic…I re-read this topic and I’m not sure what you’re saying. Are you suggesting that after training troops they are sent to the barracks automatically??

That’s sort of what I’m saying. Doesn’t have to be automatic, but they should always go to barracks rather than directly on prims.


Sounds like those extra 5 seconds didn’t help you anyway… :grimacing:

Is that really needed? At least he’s the kind of person who will proactively defend rather than have that eh someone else will so why should I?

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I think you fail to see the point of this thread. May reread and comeback later when you get it.