It’s now a job, and not an enjoyable one

You have now completely taken the fun out of this game. It is now a job… whether for one or many.

An officer or someone with the ability to raise and lower shields, has to be on 24/7, or have a bot that wakes them in the middle of the night to defend.

You’ve made cooldowns a miserable experience… having to sit for 3 hours and up, and rarely can you run beasts for fear you won’t be looking when someone hits.

You’ve made it easy for bigger teams to beat up on smaller teams, just because they can, not for the glory as that is minimal for a team ranked below 100 hitting teams ranked in the 500’s…

You’ve made it almost impossible for the team that has been bubbled to try and retaliate as most of the more aggressive teams are sitting 2, 3, 10 bubbles deep.

Do I have suggestions to make it easier? Yes, but none that will be popular or even looked at by the developers.

What you’ve done, is take an enjoyable GAME, and turn it into a job, and one that is way worse and more time consuming than the one I used to get paid to do.

And yes, I know it is Called WARDragons… I’ve been playing since you needed rubies to get your elite accounts…<<>>


And don’t forget that some players from certain team(s) are complaining that they got bored with Atlas and demand for hitting CGs become easier to do.
And PGs are going to rip out your “ingame job” even harder with the “upcoming” guards change.
And yes lol, they will tell you that this is a war game and if you couldn’t take the heat, you should play candy crush instead.


Okay so… don’t like it? Leave it.

i don’t like it either, but we don’t need 69,420 threads of people complaining :rofl:


How will making access to guards easier help you get to buried castles?


I think glory bands are way out of wack and need to be looked at. Personally, if it was up to me hitting down would be punished a lot more. Say if your a ranked 50 team, a ranked 100 team should be 50% or so, a ranked 150 team should be 0. What we have now is way to forgiving and allows for bullying.

Also, individual glory should be based off of den lvls and not this artificial lvl system we have now. Basicly, if you have maxed dragons, your 100% for everyone. If ur n-1 you should be like 80%, for endgame players. If ur n-2 60%. Etc


It takes 45 seconds to land a guards hit, let’s say it’s 110K to bubble a T3 castle. That means 8 people to bubble in 45 seconds to beat any alerts bot etc to risk disabling to move through aggressively if needed to get to a deep target without having to massively reduce some poor low level teams troops because they were silly and decided to fight the hit off


Oh I see, you’re saying it will be easier to bubble 5 castles to get to your target.

Usually those castles are much lower levels so the glory would be crap.

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Correct. And the glory is currently crap, so that combined with 3K prim spam means that teams who would like to hit buried teams essentially can’t. This proposal at least makes it possible.


U don’t know this player so to call them lazy or entitled is way outta line… u don’t know what league they’re in, how many access they hold, or if they’re a team that fights rather than bubbles 24/7 like some do… so before u spout off insults step the fck back and remember there’s a person at the end of that comment who’s frustrated and doesn’t need to be called lazy or anything else by someone who doesn’t know them at all


Yes, but guards are more replaceable than hurting a low level player


Your point is well-taken, but in fact @Fire4865 knows all of this info (perhaps other than fights or bubbles).

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That is true. I’m just not a fan of hitting down.

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Nvm. Everyone has their own opinions and I won’t comment on either :woman_facepalming:t3:


It has crossed my mind several times…

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I used the word you in general maybe I didn’t make myself perfectly clear? is e seo mo phrìomh chànan am b ’fheàrr leat bruidhinn mar seo?

No lol ur English is fine

tha feuch, chuidicheadh e mi le bhith fileanta :laughing:

dè gu sònraichte leis a bheil thu a ’strì?

Welcome to the real world of WD. Yes, it is a job full time to take care of a team and be a competitive one.

One of my proposals was a little bit more restrictive - you can’t hit and can’t be hit by someone who’s out of your Atlas ranking band. Let’s say, you are 25 ranking Atlas, you can’t hit lower than 100 nor you can be hit by teams lower than 100. You are 100, you can’t hit teams lower than 175 and can’t be hit by teams lower than 175. You get the idea. This ensures also that you don’t have to waste troops on entry castles to get to your real target. From a certain rank, you can limit the highest rank a team can attack too, let’s say from rank 200 you can no longer hit 25 rank or higher (24…23 … etc).

Your ranking band can be based on your team ranking, if alone, or on the strongest team of your TA. I know this can have its downside for the weakest team in a TA, but… maybe it will maybe force to have TA of similar ranking teams.

This contradicts what @Fire4865 and @AngelVonWolf are saying in that this change will now allow us to bully lower easier to get the ones we want to so in your opinion how does this change help? Other than being able to hit gate guards easier…

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