It’s Time to Stop the Snobs!

Selfish players plague the teams of this game in ways that COVID could only wish for the real world.

Team Gauntlet is an all-around stupendous event, but there are a few minor systematic kinks to iron out before it could be called “impeccable”. The main kink is the proneness to the abuse of mega coins, a problem that is not unique to Team Gauntlet; players (even just one) can strip entire islands of their health within a mere 5-10 minutes by abusing mega coins, leaving little room for other players to chime in for maximum points of their own. This is a problem all around, but the root of the problem lies within the Gustav Isle. If nothing else serves to emphasize the fact that some players play solely for themselves and care little for the team that they are on, Team Gauntlet does just that.

I can envision two of possibly many viable ways to rectify this issue, the first of which I would personally say is more reasonable:

  1. Decrease the time to wait between island desecration and island renewal.

Something near to 2-5 minutes would suffice.

  1. Allow for players to store residual HP for themselves from the Gustav Isle only, but do not allow the personal HP storage to affect the general health that the team faces overall.

A single player would only be able to store the amount of HP that the island has after having been respawned; however, all stored energy would go away once the Gustav Isle respawns again, and the player would have to stow a newer batch of HP from that island; this would be purposed to prevent the island chain from becoming irrelevant due to the storage feature, being that the Gustav Isle grants the highest amount of points. The only reasons the storage feature would be restricted to the Gustav Isle are that the island chain is very manageable, and that the waiting time is twice as long on the Gustav Isle as any other isle throughout the chain.

I also believe that all other islands in the chain should be locked if the PvP island is active; it sucks to see a PvP island active and players still bloodthirstily hitting the islands in the chain (particularly the Gustav Isle) because they’re allured by the easy points and want to take the chance while the focus is elsewhere. Even if these players stick to defending because they’re not in a good offensive position, the locks on the chain islands would help teams out tremendously. Assisting your team should be your top priority as a member.

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I’ve seen several teams have the rule of “No Megas on Gustav” with several variations of this, like “Mega-Allowed only if 8/8 is finished”


I may of course be totally stupid, or not seeing the obvious, but how does that “no Megas on Gustav” rule solve the problem of limited points obtainable on Gustav?

My pet peeve is people who hit the PVP island before the Blackbloods are finished.

I’d like an attack log so I know who is hitting what.


#1 Seems good, maybe not 2-5 minutes cause there’d be no reason to even hit anything other than Gustav island. There’s also the point decay for an island, cause there’s no way people would be able to continuously kill islands in time.

#2 I don’t quite understand so need more details, is it a hit and get points to use on other islands system? Will it be similar to the raid option or a separate bonus?

Blocking PvE isn’t really the best opinion, lower leagues have a ton of teams with only high levels so there would be no way for them to access PvE for a whole 3 hours if PvP isn’t killed. PvE is a choice, if they want to hit it during PvP it still benefits the team as well as players.

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Suggestion 1 is what we need, just reduce the cd times on the islands to a few minutes at most. Teammates should never have to fight with each other over points and events should never have a limited number of points avalible

Yes it makes it so no one will hit the smaller islands but then again no one wants to hit them anyway for the same amount of rss but fewer points. They’re there to activate the chain multiplier and if any newer players are too small for Gustav

Number 2 is unncessisary and overly complicated. If they did the first suggestion then this wouldnt be needed.

blocking PvE duing pvp is a bad idea. Firstly it would force any team still working on the chain to stop and waste rss hitting the pvp island. Secondly it’s just begging for errors to occure. While helping your team SHOULD be top priority it’s not up to PG to force you to. That’s an inner team issue. If someone is doing it then they either get with the program or find themselves another team to join. Part of being a good team is everyone pulling their weight

It doesnt but it does help everyone to get a chance to earn points. It is so that certain individuals arent being selfish and putting themselves above all of their teammates.
Of course there is usually some ass who ignores the rule and only thinks about themselves and drops multiple megas.

Gauntlet is a great event, it is enjoyable because you have the competitive aspect with the PvP islands and it has the chiller aspect with grinding the PvE islands. IMO it only needs 2 things. Remove/significantly reduce the cd time on pve islands and leagues need to be 24 or 26 teams each to get rid of that stupid PvE island that the bottom ranks get. Because that thing is stupid and basically locks your team into the bottom ranks with nearly no hope of climbing out because the points and VP are so poor. It would also get rid of the PvE team for CC


Much lower or 0 cooldown until respawn.

Or raise the points assigned to previous islands correspondingly to team progression.

If a player can score the same amount of points from other islands, they wouldn’t be so tied to gustav.


Reducing the cooldown is just gonna increase the points whale teams can and will score.
Adjusting the other PvE islands to reward the same points as the highest defeated island wouldnt change the teams score but makes players not only wanting to hit Gustav and all the poor starter islands might actually get some visits again after being killed the first time.
It would also not require too much of PGs attention since this is basically what PvP island does.

So? They were going to be in 1st place anyway, why does it matter if they’re willing to shell out the rss to get it. This doesnt matter at all and really isnt an argument against making that change. Non-whale teams werent going to be beating them anyway

It also doesnt fix anything. You’re still fighting with your teammates for a fixed amount of points and those other islands have tiny HP. They’d be cleared instantly and then you’d have no targets to hit.


So far I’ve assumed this was a problem when multiple people would go above the 700k to max the event. The teams I’ve been on at most had a problem with Gustav being down after like 2 minutes so no first hand experience here.
Im getting the Island health and respawn data from this sheet out of the spreadsheet vault.
If I’m not missing anything we have 3 full days and 6 hours of time to hit islands (3 * 24h + 6h = 78h)
Adding up all the 1h cooldown islands health I get 292 767 and Gustav has 72k health, so 36k per hour if you will (so 328 767. Ill round it to 330k but leave out the PvP islands. Note that even the 8k bronze PvP islands would get over that average per hour although only by like 300)
So we have 78h and a theoretical 330k points per hour which adds up to a team wide 25 740 000 points over the event if everything is instantly defeated. Distributing those equally to each of the 50 members means 514 800 points for each, which isnt quite what I was looking for. Oh well.

700 000 points times 50 members is 35 000 000 points. Still 78 hours so we’d need at least 448 718 points per hour which is a bit more than a 33% increase.
Since the Islands cant be instantly defeated (to my knowledge lol) and there are people who try to compete for global prizes there should be a bit more points available. I have no idea how it actually plays out so Ill have to assume something. Say 15 people each score 1m each and the other 35 just max the event and all the killing of islands takes a total of 7h so only 71 sets of islands.
So (15 * 1 000 000 + 35 * 700 000) / 71 = 556 338
330 000 / 556 338 = 0.593
60 min * 0.593 = 35.58 min

So reducing the 1h cooldown to 35 minutes and the 2h cooldown to 70 minutes would be great.
Im also pretty sure having all the islands give points based on the highest already defeated island would be nice since then there isnt a drawback in not hitting Gustav.

I dont know, I like the idea that people who are grinding can compete with people who fight with their wallets in some areas and having a limit on how much points there are to score makes this feasible. At least in theory

Grinders can already compete against deep pockets upto certain point. (Maxing the event)

Going past that, there SHOULD be value in spending as spenders are who contribute much more when it comes to keeping the light on for wd dev branch in PG.

Since going past the event prize max doesn’t provide much resources compared to the amount spent to achieve a place in the meaningful part of the leaderboard, events already somewhat limit eveyone by offering less incentives to go beyone that.

I don’t disagree that the gap needs to be tightened, but the said change would benefit everyone, not just deep pockets, is all I’m saying.

Think about how tier based discounts work.

Newbies with deep pockets used to progress much faster than those without, and with the tier based discount, they can do so even faster.

But this also helps those without deep pockets a lot.

Should the tier based discounts be remove just because it helps deep pockets more?

I mean… if I were to pick what to keep, I’d always pick the discount over anyone who wants something that benefits everyone removed. :joy:

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Im talking about the team score, not individuals.


Pretty sure you didnt read my whole reply. The second one that is

Trust me, I know how it works. Its a nice thing and we should keep it. Not sure what it got to do with Gauntlet but here we are.

How do you get here? In no way am I saying it should be removed.

Yet you still don’t want less/0 CD on gauntlet islands which will help more people than just deep pockets. :thinking:

Team score itself? Then it will be higher for all team is what I can expect as team ranking is something else.

Even if you aren, in fact, talking about team ranking… then I don’t disagree with this specific part.

But teams with more deep pockets already almost always will stay on top. So reducing cd on island respawn merely will benefit most of us for taking out the part where we have to compete against our teammates and for that it will benefit more than it hurts team ranking as the team ranking will stay pretty much the same with the top being teams with more deep pockets.

So many text walls in this thread.

Option 1 is best option.

People aren’t abusing megas, they’re using megas. That you’re too slow or don’t have enough resources to also use megas shouldn’t be your teammates’ problem.

Reduce cooldown time and introduce ultras into PvE islands, ideally with all pve islands being worth same as Gustav

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First of all, Gauntlet island cooldown and how much egg tokens my next lineage dragon is going to cost are in almost no way connected.
Secondly, my first reply here was written when I thought there were enough points for all 50 players in a team maxing the event. If you read my second reply you see that this is in fact wrong and that I then would suggest reducing the islands cooldowns by the amount necessary to make it so. I even added some extra. Here a part of what I wrote:

Decreasing the cooldown of islands makes for more points available for all teams. Removing it completely means those who dont care how much energy it costs them are gonna win regardeless. If there is a maximum you cant just sit down one afternoon and whale a bunch of megas to win if the other team is there and defeats the islands mostly on spawn

This is the only event where the points a team can score is limited so the depth of any involved pockets dont matter (that much)

Gauntlet island respawn cooldown reduction and tier based discounts are connected in a sense that they both benefit the vast majority, not just the deep pockets.

The thing is, a team may have people concentrated in certain time zone will almost always suffer from having to compete against their teammates.

Then people won’t be able to max the event no faqing matter what you think. :joy:

You want grinders to be able to win against spenders either as a team or as an individual (or a chance at it), I get that. And I do agree with it on one aspect where time put into master a dragon should always be able to beat any base no matter how much money was poured into the base. That’s why I always want a technical dragons over any Surt-like OPed dragons. But this isn’t exacly related to what we’re talking about, so I’ll just hide it.

But having to force such way where non-grinding f2p players can’t be helped is beneficial to… who?

Most of the players are neither grinders nor deep-pocket spenders. Most people stay completely free or e2p, and have some fun with the game without spending lots of time to do lots of grindings enough to be called “grinders.”

I’d been kept saying the way would benefit more people, not just minorities with much more time (grinders) or much more money (deep-pocket spenders).

I repeat, will the change help spenders and their teams? Yes. Will it help grinders and their teams? Yes. Will those two minorities be the only ones that will benefit regardless of which one of the two would benefit more? No; the majority of players, non-grinders who don’t have deep pockets will also benefit from this hypothetical change. And they are the majority.

I get that you have said reduction in cooldown from 2hr to 70mins, but that probably won’t be enough especially for those who has to play for a very short amount of time at a time. When they come online and end up catching the cooldown, then they’ll be at disadvantages for sure as they can’t afford the “time” that grinders have abundant of.

Or tie all islands to each individual.

One person for all islands except pvp island.


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I agree that the system of the event with its restrictions on points sucks and a change to that would be welcome.

However I strongly disagree with team rules that forbid using megas on Gustav. And calling ppl selfish that do, is just wrong…

And here is why… very simplified and not taking all things into account.

Theoretically over a time period of 24 hours you could get 12 Gustav islands (not possible as even the fastest teams need a few minutes). That would make for 864.000 personal points (72.000*12).

If you take half an hour to finish Gustav isle then it’s only 691.200 personal points (72.000*9.6).

If your team needs an hour then we are down to 576.000 personal points (72.000*8).

This is theoretically as there are no 9.6 islands and the points gap is actually bigger bc all started attacks count even though Gustav is long finished when you finish yours. So more Gustav islands means even more point opportunities than above.

Not taken into account are also the more VP points your team can earn by having more Gustav islands bc of speed.

Gustav isle is the second best opportunity after pvp islands to get points. So missing out on getting the most out of this island, by getting it as often as possible is bad for each member of the team not just the team as a whole.

I hope I didn’t make an error anywhere in my calculation, lol…

But the principle applies, the faster you get Gustav done, the more often you get it and that provides more good point opportunities.

In addition the team also earns more VP.

A possible change would be if the time when the next Gustav isle shows up wouldn’t rely on when it’s finished, but when it appeared, like the pvp island. Then you could be more rss efficient. But I doubt that PG would make such a change as it is not their goal to give us the opportunity to be more efficient with our rss.


It would be great IF they did it in combination with a respawn reduction time. But doing it just on its own wouldnt solve the problem we currently have
That being said, simply reducing the respawn time to a few minutes would be much more simple and have less risk of something going wrong. As much as I’d like for the earlier islands to give better points I also dont want to risk another KW situation, not with this event anyway. FP seems to have worked out but I still dont trust them making significant changes to how an event works

The only actual way to do that would be to restrict the usage of mega coins which they will never do. Having a maximum number of obtainable points in an event is just a bad strategy. Like I said, teammates should never be competing against each other for those points. No one should ever have to worry about not being able to reach a score because they dont have targets to hit. We had that with KW back when a whale/sandbagging team could box a smaller team in and they fixed that in the original version. This needs to be fixed as well

While I like grinding being rewarded they shouldnt be punishing more active teams by limiting and holding them back. If a team is willing to put into the rss to be top then they deserve to be top and a team who isnt willing to push as hard doesnt deserve to be top


Only theoretically. Whilst Gustav has 72k HP points, you can technically hit it for full points when it has a single HP point remaining, so theoretically I think the max is a little over 80k