It would be awesome if players can design dragons

I had a dream that my cat was a badass dragon. So I’ve drawn it. It would be nice if players can help with the design of a new dragon. Maybe a contest.


So there’s been some room for that in the past. Both for riders and for dragons. I’ve linked a couple of the dragon threads below. These have all been collaborative efforts, rather than individual ones, since only so many dragons are released at once.

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Very impressive art! It looks really cool.

You should message karnyx he would love to add you to the art team I’m sure!


How about a kangaroo dragon that jumps from island to island and a little Joey that pops out and destroys a tower. Or an electric eel. A sea horse that destroys everything with a stream of water. Or something like that lol

Im still waiting for Chunk Knight to become a portrait. Coffee supposedly floated the idea at the art team before he left, whatever happened with that?

I know there’s some grey area though where companies have to be careful about using fan designs because it can open them up to legal issues

@mechengg Hmmm… It could be that PG copied your dragon art to use for Jorm. That long tail and body sure looks suspicious! Looks very similar to me! :joy::joy::joy:

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Most badass dragon ever seen

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