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I think instead of all this unwanted stuff in these chests, just make a selection with prices and let the player pick and choose what they need or want but by itself. I know I would spend more money in the game if that was the options.

Actually the majority of players wouldn’t spend more. They would spend less because they would be getting what they want for their money and wouldn’t have to chance gold chest drop rates. The dilution is meant to make people spend to get what they want the hard way.


I’m inclined to believe spending would actually increase. I stopped spending for the simple reason that the return on money spent is more akin to a lottery system than a purchase.

Think of it this way… It takes $50 to fill a tank a gas. You spend your $50 at the pump and drive off only to find you’re at a quarter tank. I’m willing to wager you’d blow your top. I would, I did, hence why I no longer spend.

I’d certainly prescribe to a system in which my money spent netted what I wanted.

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This is unfortunately not true for all players, and not true for vast majority of their large spenders. Less than a third of the players are probably responsible for 80%+ of revenue.

Dilution is also as much a game flow mechanic as it is a profit method.

In an ideal world the more you spend the more it’s dillited, but if you notice the thread on the 40k ruby pack, you can see quickly how treating different players differently doesn’t work so well. Those same top spenders would revolt if they found someone could get more for the same cost that they get less with. And like it or not, the golden rule does apply. (The person with the gold makes the rules)

@EidolonRM The 40K pack has no bearing on the discussion here. I’m not suggesting offering different players anything different from another set of players.

I do agree with your statement that in today’s environment that the small portion of players make up a large portion of the revenue. In my business this carries a tremendous amount of risk. The business strategy of Concentric Diversification would certainly apply here. Simply put, this is expanding your goods/services to reach more customers which in the end creates far more revenue.

(Following is for example purposes only so no one troll me on the values) :slight_smile:
Imagine if you wanted 3,000 Tokens you paid $10 and got them.
Need more timers, pay $20 and get 50…
Short on Healing pots, pay $10 and get 100.

Poll your own team and ask them if they’d be more likely to spend…
My rub is with the notion that I can’t get specifically what I need/want in the game when I need it. Instead, I have to hope and pray that I get lucky on this next pull of the handle of the crappy slot machine system we call Gold Chests.

It was relevant to my point. In order to let the majority of the players have what they enjoy, you have to treat them differently than the players responsible for the majority of the revenue. It sounds like you agree we shouldn’t/can’t treat players differently.

This is intentional. PG isn’t at risk, only War Dragons is. Game developers know a mobile game has a shelf life, and they target max profits. PG seems to care more than many about making the game fun when possible. PG as a company has diversified. As it stands War Dragons is a significant contender among mobile apps, it it does appear they are using much of the mobile game model used by competitors. The thing that brings hope is that WD breaks the mold in many aspects, and has not licensed one of the mediocre freemium engines that most of the mobile apps use. (They write their own code)

Still I believe if someone built the right game, players would come. I’m not sure where you work but I find most companies in general favor short term gains over long term gains. The standard business model seems to be that making this quarters numbers better than your competitors is preferred to saving signicantly over say 3 years, with a high upfront cost. It seems stupid to me because all it would take was one company that made long term choices for a while to outperform their competition in a way that couldn’t be matched on short term decisions. Similarly I see these games make choices to bolster short term direct revenue, which has long term effect of less revenue. Specifically I think the free to play players are what make the game fun for spenders, and yet the spenders control the direction of the game. (And often what someone thinks they want is not in fact true when they get it, especially when its given to a group that all want it.)

I’ve been fighting for this in many games for a long time. Nobody cares. Big spenders are high maintenance and volatile. If I built a gaming company i’d focus on the medium and low spenders. I think if you got 80% of 300k players to spend $20 a month you would have more stable predicable income which wouldn’t generate as much sales but would be cheap in terms of supporting and volatility

To date I’ve not seen a single freemium game that didn’t eventually favor the direct revenue. I think this is because push for quarter to quarter improvement is greater than the growth you can achieve by adding more players or enticing the middle and low end. Instead of squeezing blood out of a rock, they squeeze blood out of a spongue (top spenders can and will spend much more, but it always comes at the expense of everyone else.)

You’re making the critical mistake of identifying War Dragons as a business, rather than a product with micro-products. Games like War Dragons are built on a model of short life cycles with maximum short-term profits. Watch this clip from Game Developers Conference 2012 if you’re not familiar with the product model.

Mobile games can be quickly cloned or become outdated when a new product launches with similar but shinier features. This leads to products being developed to groom/hype individual whales over a general audience since a certain burnout/turnover rate is already expected from existing/new competition. This is also exacerbated when it’s a pvp competition game. That’s why the Divine Season is so valuable for PG, it creates a quarterly initiative for whales to shoot for and to keep their interest.

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They would lose a ton of money! Could you imagine how much easier it would be to breed? Lol

I would be perfectly fine with just magical fragments and egg tokens please!

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