It's Breeding Sh...tuff Time (RIP Jalen)

This week is breeding.

There’s some new stuff happening…

  • There’s a trading post and a limited time branch and a champion rider or 3…
  • Also new atlas season and the new lands get wiped. Prepare to bleed.


  • Why is Jalen banned?
  • What impact do the crazy vegans really think they’re making by throwing paint at people and acting like ThatVeganTeacher?

Press F for respect for Jalen.


Wait, he’s banned? (O_o)
Are you sure?

┬─┬ノ( º . ºノ)

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Jalen got banned? Wtf.

I have been a vegan for 2 years and throwing paint is my go to move if I wanna spot ghosts that are riding on things :stuck_out_tongue:

Jokes aside anyone thats being a pest doing crazy shit impacting others needs to be locked up. Im pro people making their own choices ( food, religion, sex changes, sex preferences etc^1 ) but dont force your choices on others.

^1 assuming those choices are legal.


Forum banned yeah. Iirc it goes away on the 18th


Why? Maybe I missed something but I dont remember him doing anything to justify that. What did I miss?


I have been forum banned for a week a couple of times both times I deserved it :smiley:

They perma banned Scins account and all she did was colour in a picture they drew that was ridiculous and over the top.

Havent seen Jalen do anything wrong


He “spread dissent” with the discrimination post, which is now deleted.


There was a discrimination post besides that stupid one a little while back about the russian player who couldnt get the game to work? huh, I guess I did miss something

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised though, DP has already messaged me a couple times about “not being constructive” with my comments criticizing thing PG has been doing.


It had discrimination in the name but it was a joke


OOOOOOOH, that one. I totally forgot about that. That was the joke topic about the rewards system and not having friends, right?
:woman_facepalming:t3: :man_facepalming:t3: :person_facepalming:t3:


Ding ding ding


*insert sound of collective global face palming*
smh and sigh

Well… What’s everyone breeding this week?
Im gonna flip a coin between Solarius and Novarrion. I dont fly hunters so both will be equally useless for me.


Im breeding sol/maxing him so I can play with him. Might Finish another one of the dragons but idk


I got Sol last breed and have zero interest in the other Radiant crew (nice job PG)… so I’ll use this breed to complete some Eldritch and Verdant research.

Plenty of time to get the rest of Radiant week 7 and 11 in time for mythic release.


They did? A perma-ban? That’s ridiculous.


Why though?

…… Apparently I can’t read or scroll ….

  1. Have no idea about anyone being banned.
  2. Had no idea vegans throw paint at people. Is it edible plant based paint? Oil or water based?

Damn I liked that guy :neutral_face:

Is there any info on the limited time branch?


That happened to my main account here. Woke up to get ready for work, went to check the forums had to log in, and it said i was banned till the 19th of this month for and quote, “advertising/violation of TOS” which I would love to know what i advertised or what TOS is, cause I know what Code of Conduct is. But whatever I guess its like how many like it takes to the get to the center of a tooties pop, the world may never know.

No idea. My brother has been vegan for 5? years or something close to it. Luckily hes not a crazy vegan like that lady is. So I have no answer to your question

Figured out what TOS means (/_-) terms of service probably. Also guessing why my main was banned. The lovely thread where a player was asking if there was a way to figure out when you started the game. I posted their start date, not knowing it was a bad thing cause it been a hot minute sense reading the forums CoC or their terms and conditions and people forget. But getting banned for a week for forgetting/not knowing about the start date no no posting unless in pm is kinda stupid in my opinion, since modmat was a badass and edited the post so you couldnt see the players start date. But what do i know? Im not getting paid to understand people.

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Jalen got a ban , that guy is very kind :scream_cat::scream_cat::scream_cat::scream_cat: