It's Fortification, where's the wood?


Wood drops are not remotely where they should be for this event.


Wood drops aren’t the only things that should drop, they get drowned out by pearls, elemental embers, fire shards and ice shards since those are all part of building. Also don’t forget that timers are needed for this event as well. You’re not going to see massive amounts of wood packs dropping in gold chests.


Duh. The drop rate was still insanely low when I made the post. It’s been addressed, tho.


Well “insanely low” isn’t a very descriptive problem statement. If you want a proper response on a quantitative matter you need to provide quantitative context. You did not. In the future, try to actually explain what you mean in a useful manner.


Sorry, but as a customer, it’s not my job to open 10,000 chests and provide detailed statistical analysis. I reported a deficiency, it was addressed. You seem to be the only one with a problem with that.


If you’re going to report it’s lower than expectations, at the very least you should remark what you received and what your expectations are. If you make a vague complaint, expect vague responses and don’t say “duh” like we know what you’re talking about.


I don’t make such reports for users. I make them for the dev team, who clearly understood as they resolved the problem.


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