It's partiality

When you get Jaalkhan skin, you should combined with kinnarix as I dont think anyone has both. If yes it will be rare. Now one person have to invest 4k sigil for kinnarix and what to do with Jaalkhan skin we can’t wear it. So after extra sigil you can put same selection so that anyone need both they can get it.


Plenty people have both.

Well it’s free. It would have been nicer if you could choose the one you want at the first node, and then get the other at the second, but I guess the tech doesn’t really support that. Having them both at 7.5k would be more fair, but also wouldn’t really help anyone.


Be nice lol
I think I understand what LordKaalidorn means and I kinda agree with him, I don’t care about skins at all but actually if you have Jaal you need 3,5k sigils for the skin, if you have Kinn you need 7,5k…

It would be more “fair” to have both at 3,5k or screw all and have both at 7,5k :joy:


Sorry :grin: that came over a bit harsher than I meant it. Edited it a bit.

And yes I do suppose it’s weird to have one more “premium” than the other, especially having it behind the terrible glyph. But forcing people to choose just one really wouldn’t be better.


You know, those who use hunters always have privileges :rofl:


Yes, it’s unfair to keep the both reskins at different place.

I don’t have any exotic rune/glyph on my base and I was going to buy it with some super sigil chests, but now I’m having second thoughts. I either can get 60 draconics from festive branch or I can get LT branch upto kinn reskin. And who would be the best person than the lord of the numbers to suggest the best value?

There’s more progression value in the draconics for sure, so it’s mostly a matter of how badly you want the skins.

Getting just the Jaalkan skin is also a reasonable option, the value up to that point is pretty much equal to draconics.

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PG is so mean. I love purple and I have Kinn only. I’m having a hard time being reasonable. And a hard time understanding how they could neither make two lines with each skin nor create choice nodes.

I’m disappointed in you PG. The one and only Sorcerer I chose over a Hunter gets an undesirable ‘premium’ treatment…

I’ll need to be strong :pleading_face:

Or use some of the hundreds of gold chests that have been collecting dust these past few seasons… mmmh the struggles of a collector’s heart :purple_heart:


I dont like the way PG went with the limited branches now. There is so many unneeded stuff between what u really want. I wouldnt get anything on this branch but i needed the first Acc coin. And now im sitting on a nonsense Glyph that just can be dusted :see_no_evil: There need to be toggle prizes in those branches, like Kinn/Jaal as one to pick, or take the glyph/ chest xy.


Where can I see instructions on how to equip the dragon skin?

Here you go.


Ended up getting it at the end. I don’t regret it but it was still not cheap…

Had an excuse to get the Ascension Token for the Mythic’s skin though :partying_face:

This season costed me my beautiful hoard but heh, I can grow it again :smirk: