Its time to retire silver chests

Silver chests are an absolute joke. They are a sad and pathetic little sibling of Runic chests. Literally nothing comes in the silver chests that doesn’t come in the runic chests. But silver drops are smaller, they exclude glyphs and they exclude runes for modern dragons and towers.

So basically all you get in them is “rare” classic runes like ballista frenzy and tough healing and very tiny amounts of rune dust - 500 dust at a time. Thats 500 ,not 500k. Thanks for that 0.001% of what I need to level up one mythic rune one level. Speaking of dust, the crap runes that come in silver chests are worth so little dust that it isnt even worth while to spend the time to dust them all. Of course you have to do it anyway, worthwhile or not, because otherwise your rune vault becomes a college dorm room of clutter.

You cant even open silver chests during half of the events of the season. They are put aside for runic or sigil chests. This leads to lots of consternation from newbies like the post below Silver chests rip off scam

The only value of silver chests are the occasional epic or legendary rage runes, and queuing up the legendary drop so that you can save it for runic or sigil chests later. Besides those two things they have no use whatsoever.

Its time to retire silver chests entirely. Here’s how I think the retirement should happen;

  1. Armory should have runic chests all season and then change to sigil chests the last two weeks of the season.
  2. Give us one free legendary drop per week on the runic/sigil chests so that people dont bitch about losing the freebie that could be obtained by opening the silver chests and then saving the free legendary drop.
  3. Replace silver chest drops in battle with runic chests and bronze chests. Runic would drop at the same rate as gold chests, and the rest would become bronze.
  4. Silver chests in the season trees and event prizes would become runic chests instead.

That doesnt even make sense. The post isnt about getting more stuff or free stuff. Its about getting rid of useless stuff that clutters the game.

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Pgs not going to get rid of silver chests. The whole basic set up is this: bronze,silver,gold. I’ll agree with increasing better rewards but throwing them out entirely would be a waste of time.


I recant my previously made comment.

@fyreflie your post is not only full of false statements but also shows the worst timing of creating such a thread in the lifespan of War Dragons.

In case you missed it, we currently have the probably best droplist ever with tons of legendaries and mythics that apply to any dragon no matter his skillset (hint: attack runes on top of rage runes)!
Oh and there are also some glyphs in there!
Oh and contrary to runic chests, you can obtain silver chests freely from monuments and prizes.

The runic chests are the ones that are hated, maybe you made the thread about the wrong chest.


Im confused by this. I have never gotten a mythic anything out of a silver chest. Only occasionally a legendary, and even then its something like “Legendary Arcane Striker” that goes straight to dust.

Are you sure you dont have the types of chests backwards?

I realize that is an insane question since you definitely know what you are talking about. But I cant understand why your experience is so much different than mine. I have NEVER gotten anything other than rage runes worth keeping out of a silver chest in 18 months of playing.

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Silver Chest contents sucked for years so I’ve been saving most Silvers.

Since summer season started yesterday, there are new runes in the droplist so I opened 400 chests and did get a mythic and a bunch of legendaries that were very much worth the wait.

See the link of my previous post and you will find many others that are very happy about the new Silver Chests and shared their drops.

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So basically you are saying that they fixed silver chests and I missed the message. And I also didnt pull anything worthwhile in the first 60 silver chests that I opened this season purely by bad luck ?

I guess that’s what happened.

I feel sorry for you but there is a good chance to get no mythic or legendary from 60 chests, a larger sample would have given you a higher chance.

I also had a streak of 150 chests without anything worthwhile and before a lot of very good drops in 250 chests.

Im used to opening them only 30 at a time (each, for main and alt), based on the old system. Just to get the legendary drop queued up for runic chests next week during PvP.

Now you have me thinking I should open a few more and see what happens…

I just opened 30. They changed silvers yo.


Huh. Ill be damned. :thinking::thinking:

In my defense they have never fixed anything before…at least not without making something else correspondingly worse for an overall net loss.

Did we lose anything to get this change?

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I think we lost the ability to make a free bonus runic chest.



Rants without all of the relevant information :grin::grin:

Glad you are finally up to speed

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Is that confirmed? This is the first I’ve heard about it.

the silver chest is now act more likely as runic chest so it seems fine
I expect them to change the mythic one into defend rune in fort event

It was apparently buried in the release notes for one of the versions somewhere? I’m setting up a bonus chest to test it myself next week.

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i tested it so maybe it was lost because of migration to new armoury when it was lost? i didn’t get any bonus chest later either.

Thanks Liz. I’m doing the same.

At any point in the past YEAR that would have been a perfectly valid post. Its just my luck LOL