It's time to stop complaining

Why continue? You know what you have here. You keep complaining about the same glitch, the same economy, the same worthless packs. PG will not listen to the economy fixes, the obviously can’t fix the glitches, and is not willing to fix the packs. At what point do we say f it?


When they Jack up Atlas?


PG: Hold my beer! :beer:


They do increase the welcome sigils from 200 to 500 though. Double 20 first line on both discounted branches. Put 2K more embers on each events.


Then quit playing, and do like your title and quit complaining. SMH, Either enjoy the games you play or find one you do. Why continue, some of us enjoy the game we play or game we have over our others. I don’t get the constant complaints, move on if thats what you want. No need to try to get others that do enjoy what we have, to try and leave with you.

Because we see the potential the have has if it’s utilised. We remember when the game was more fun than it is now. Sure it had different problems. But back then one of the worst was the cloak bug which is better than now.

Good. Please continue to enjoy the game. It doesn’t mean it can’t be better.

Because we enjoy the game when it’s good. We enjoy the parts that work. And like I said before we want the game to be as good as it can be. But many updates take the game further away from what we want it to be. It’s like a pastry from a bakery. You can still enjoy the taste of it even if the quality of the ingredients is going down. But it doesn’t mean that we don’t want it to get back to a higher quality again. Because there are some things that have become significantly less good overall for most players over time (increases token costs, seasonal line cost increase, removal of assault and dungeons to name a few).

We don’t want people to leave. We want people to see the issues and propose solutions. We also want new players to get an accurate idea of what they are getting into. For example new players should be made very aware of the sheer quantity of money needed to get to end game. What people do with that information is their call.


Untrue, yes a new players isn’t going to be endgame without loads of money, but they also shouldn’t expect too get to that point. Players have been playing for 5 years should have obvious advantages say a new person can’t just easily get to the point their at :rofl:.

I Don’t remember it being more fun, but i think its just fine atm, obvious issues that need resolved, but never the less just fine.

They aren’t going to change this, just because players complain, so just stop complaining or go find something new. SMH, These things don’t need reversed, or revamped. Players need to just deal with it, and complain about the server issues needing fixed, or other issues, they should obviously be working on. Not reversing things players dislike, that they set.

Why? You tell any new player this. They quit. Any brand new player picking this up they will wrinkle their nose and leave. Hell I have told people about the game irl and the moment I say that they look at me aghast and ask how I can play it. Not a single person has joined.

I’ve been playing for years myself and I am not even halfway token wise to end game. It’s absurd. And I was a spender for a bit.

I do. As do others.

And that is a terrible attitude to have to making a game sustainable. Complaints got us tier based discounts which were fantastic. Complaints fixed the cloak bug. Complaints got Neptus releases in a good state.

Or fix both and get some goodwill and encourage players to become spenders. I could throw this right back at you to show how crazy this is. You say servers need to be fixed. Your entire reasoning in that quote is not reversing things players dislike. So by your own logic they shouldn’t reverse server issues as players dislike it. Give actual reasons why things shouldn’t be improved for all players? Why can’t quality of life things happen?? What harm does it do that is greater than the good?


Ive been playing for right over 2 years, and im 448, working on abysall mythics, i did spend a lil here and there, but never more than a $100 in an event. Which was rare occasion, so no this isn’t true. But i see you found my 3 post and gave huge lengths replies. Im not going to reply to them all, i have better things to do. But i do see we have opposite opinions, thats just fine. But at least i understand that players grouping up and complaining, isn’t going to make any difference. So just do your thing, and make huge reply on how what we’ve been ok with this whole time is unfair, and see how far that’s going to get you. I knew when i started i wasn’t getting to end game anytime soon or ever, but i didn’t expect to as players had been playing for years before i started. So go back to your entitlement corner, and im going back to my realistic corner.

So you can’t Give reasoned answers to my questions do you decide to resort to insults, calling me entitled and walking away. Fair enough. I remember the days of agreeing to disagree without being Rude. Ahh well.

All I am asking for is balance. Not everything for free. Just balance. If that’s entitled to you then so be it. We can disagree. Good luck in game


Imagine complaining about complaining :new_moon_with_face:

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Hun didnt you quit? Why are you still posting stuff?

I’d like this more times if I could

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