Itzani vs sakura

Hi dragonlords, what are your thoughts on itzani vs sakura. Since i am nowhere near to itzani but still curious to know that Is vanguard sakura anywhere near to itzani?

Itz is a wannabe hau

Sakura is not.


Are you at end game? (Empyrean tier)

If not then itzani hands down.

I am at obsidian …lol …as i mentioned was just curious to know

I waa expecting more from sak as per spells.But the thing is that i still love my prospero more than sakura even though sak have better gears than him.


Or i am flying her wrong…any tips would be appreciated

Sakura is a solid dragon, but it’s no itzani.

With empyrean power I think it beats out itzani if you have the skill, but I don’t really know that for a fact.

But as others have said, itzani can do a lot of things (spellwise) that Sakura cannot. But yes the white cloak with damage amp + ammo regen does make for similar damage avoidance play. Still, without sanding it’s not nearly as useful.


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