Jaalkan relative skill level?

On a scale of 1 to 10, where Ettin, Tuktu, and Galgrim are 1, Asura is 2, and Xul is 10, how would you rate the skill level required for flying Jaalkan with some success? I hear he is somewhat easier than Xul, but how much easier? Is there a line hunter of comparable difficulty to try as a reference?

It would be nice to have some common scale like this for quick estimation of new dragons, although of course it is all subjective and cannot be precise.

Haven’t flown Jaalkan myself, but Fiery summed it up in that post. It really depends on your style & preference. Some think Xul is easier while others think the opposite.


im with xul
ill give jaalkan a 6or7

If you put Xul as 10 you clearly don’t like spammy hunters. Jaal is the opposite of an ammo spam so you may enjoy him

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i thought he was talking about rating and that xul da best :thinking:

If Xul is both a 10 for difficulty and a 10 for power (flown well). I would say Jaalkan is a 6 and a 10.

Throw an invincibility shield on Jaalkan and even a crappy flier like me can take bases double defended with some regularity.

However I would say Xul is a 9 for difficulty with Hau.1 being 10…which pushes Jaalkan down to a 5…


I’ve seen mixed reviews so far and I think it comes down to your personal flying style. A couple CF/GPF people have said Xul is harder to fly for them while another few have said Jaalkan is more difficult. I guess it depends on if you can/like spam tapping or not


People really believe Jaalkan is more difficult!? I’d love to know why…

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Which other dragon would you say Jaalkan is most similar to in terms of play style?

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Combination of Cal and Xul. Requires more skill than Cal but less than Xul.

On a scale of 1-10 Cal was a 3ish


I was talking about difficulty rating, 1 for easy, 10 for hard. Sorry if my wording was confusing.

Thanks for the replies so far, everyone!

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On that specific scale, around a 14 for me :joy:

Jaalkan wasn’t really made for me I think. Or maybe Xul was.

If you liked Noctarn you might like Jaal too.


I give 9 for Cal, 7 for Xul, 8 for Jaalkan

I have some friends who find Cal easier than Xul tough, so this is very subjective


I find Cal easier than xul. Granted I’m not great with Cal but his play style is easier to keep track of with a more straight forward spell that cycles (damage freeze), which is why I don’t really like Xul and he remains at empyrean. Maybe when I retire quasar around winter or spring season I’ll pick him up and attempt to actually learn him.

I tend to do better with disabling dragons with high damage spells or dmg buff spells. Guess spamming ammo just isn’t my thing :man_shrugging:t2:

I’m still debating jalkaan vs kinni4….ahhh figured out the perfect. Nickname for her…. “4K” lol


Thinking about the skills that both require, and an average player that can use either, I think JAAL is simpler than XUL. The use of spells that shot compared to infinite ammo is also easier, I think. Then there will surely be players who prefer Xul over Jaal and vice versa.


imperivn has spoken :eyes:
hes a good flyer ,so yeah thats the truth :joy:

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Xul is easier than Cal and Jalkaan if you practiced a lot . Out of the 3 Xul will still be my all time favorite hunter .

Between Cal and Jalkaan , I’d say I struggle more with Jalkaan compared to Calavore but that’s my flying style .

I would not give people ratings cause all depends from one’s play style . There were people that killed it with dragon like Noctarn while I hated it with all my heart . So all depends on the user


For me jaalkan is much harder then xul was. I also think xul is one of the easier dragons once you got it down.

Point is, everyone flys differently. What’s easy for you might be hard for me. What’s hard for you might be easy for me. You’ll never know until you try it for yourself.


Dont want to say about xul and jaal ( bcs dont have jaal and dont have much practice with xul ) but here to say that cal is so easy dragon dont know why some players are saying that cal is difficult …

Because of different playstyles. Just because one dragon is easier for you doesn’t mean that everyone is identical to you.

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