Jaalkan relative skill level?

Did you know how to fly narlyth? If yes this dragon won’t be a real issue!

We can’t compare it to galgrim and assura because they have a different playing style.

Same with xul, xul was a spamming dragon, you rely on ammo to kill towers, with jaal you really on the one shot spell, the freeze and the ammo to kill towers. It’s harder to learn but it will get you a more consistent result when you learn how to fly it correctly.

Meanwhile good luck.


I don’t know why I hear people compare this dragon to Noctarn. How are they even similar? I see no similarities :joy:

If you can fly one of them, you can fly them all! If you can’t fly one then you won’t magically be able to fly Jaal.
Xul Is not hard but Cal was a little easier because freeze was almost Immediate and you had death gaze if needed.
Xul is the best hunter they have made in a long time!
But honestly if you trashed bases with Cal then yeah get Jaal! If you got trashed then don’t :man_shrugging:

They have finally figured out what works and now All hunters are basically the same anymore. Only differences are, some damage boosts have a spell, others you get coming out of the cloak. same with ammo & Some have one shot spells and some do not. Just little tweaks here and there.

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I really wish we could get some sort of Test Drive once you open the Mythic branches. So you can really know if your going to like the dragon or not :grimacing:


For pg it’s a bad idea because if players won’t like the dragon they won’t get it and that makes pg looses money. Also it doesn’t give the urge to whales to get within the first hours of the event.

Imo the best way to do it is to maybe give access of mythic to everyone but only to gold tier and not above that tier and give a test base with maxed towers of gold dragon, I don’t remember it’s lvl 30 towers if I do remember right, so they can test the dragons.

But I don’t think any of these things will happen one day.

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I agree with you but if you give a test drive when the person reaches 20 keys that does not take away from the urge to get a mythic. At that point it’s more about having a better choice between the two.


:question:Also to those who enjoy Jaal, how does he compare to Kullecid, Galgrim or maybe Tuktu for example? Those are the type I like to fly.
I do have Xul and do enjoy him… even though he is not 100% my style. Trying to decide if its worth going for another Hunter so soon. Do you think I’d like Jaal more then Xul?
And how do you think the two compare power wise?

Can anyone tell me if jaalkan’s red spell is used in red mages aura which will be negated??
The damage
The health gain
The .5 rage gain
Which one??

Red mage auras protect towers under the aura. So only effects that hit towers are negated.


It will still heal you and give you rage back (does it even do it I can’t remember), but it won’t damage towers


Costs 1 rage, get 0.5 back.

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Imo, jaalkan is total waste. Helmin do much much more good than this useless dragon.
I myself am very disappointed when got him over kinn. PG won’t let me change him too, and this gave me frustration.

Practice more , it is too soon to say it is a waste if you havent tried different approaches .


Unfortunately, I’ve got disappointed on defended bases and there’s no other approach in my thoughts. Good timings on defended bases will deplete rage and easily take down jaalkan.
First set shields up on kill island and then ss mage, and after rage depleted, ss with damages like flak and others. Prison of xul won’t take last long to disable them completely.

I’ve had plenty of success defended with Jaal (more than I ever had with Xul) - it might just not be suited to your playstyle


Maybe. What was the dp normally for bases you hit?

Uh, I don’t know, I regularly hit max bases

I’ll be posting runs on bases in the 80B range (give or take) defended once I find some music to use lol


Could you please share your strategy in theory? Which spell to use and when and where?

Depends on setup, but generally I use the gaze on turn to take out 2 towers, freeze the 3rd front tower, cloak, freeze back 2 to get out of cloak, and destroy the RM if it’s still up and hindering me from using my other gaze and destroy the rest of the island/freeze as needed

Rinse and repeat


Helminn is an op PoS , literally the hunter version of gig due to the strength relationship with the skill required which is pretty much non existent
Jaalkan isn’t a bad dragon, it’s just complicated


I find the new mythic hunters a little too busy for me but so far I’m liking Jaalkan, it seems to have the right spell set for my style of play. Now I need to practice more and not panic when a super shot is let loose :joy:.