Jalen - Level 504 - LFT (Preferably S2-D2, or Within Sapphire)

Language: English (predominantly)
Time Zone: Central Standard Time (CST)
Played time: Since December 23rd, 2018 (on this account)
Elite Account?: No, although I’ve been heavily considering making the choice to purchase Atlas Elite.
Dragon Roster Includes: Hauhezen, Hauheset, Renard, Iteru, Aerow, Barbend, Sekhet, and Ickumma
Highest Lineage Dragon: Makota

I am in pursuit of a team, as mine will disband following this event. (The hyperlink is for future reference.)

What I have to offer:

  • A cordial, easygoing player who refrains from taking part in or instigating drama
    - I typically stay away from dramatic scenes, and I’m manageable enough not to stir things up on my own. I don’t find drama; drama finds me, and that’s when I tend to ignore it.

  • A player who plays not solely for self-benefit, but also for that of the team in its entirety
    - I am well aware of the purpose of a team, and how teams function on different levels. I also thoroughly understand that the benefit of the team ultimately translates into self-benefit, so I also see that leaves no room for selfishness. Rule #1 in the Team Handbook is to always commit to the team. I wouldn’t violate it.

  • A player who is dedicated to completion of event extras such as team quests
    - I practically have alarms set to ring on my phone primarily to ensure I’ve completed my quest for that day, and everything else there is to complete. Of all forgetful humans across the globe, I am likely one of the most cleverly forgetful you’d ever get to know, if you ever get that chance, so I simply don’t allow myself to forget. When you have a nightly alarm (by this, I mean all nights excluding Tuesdays) jarring in your presence, with an added reminder of what it was set for, then unless you’re a workhorse with only enough time to dispatch alarms and continue working, you’re sure not to forget. :wink:

  • A player who regularly achieves milestones considerably higher than the final team prize in each event
    - I try to reach for the stars, but only such that gravity doesn’t rain on my parade; such that I don’t deplete every single resource I have saved. In events where I absolutely cannot perform to that extent, and in which I find it difficult to break the 8th-team-prize milestone at minimum, I try my best to communicate that to an officer or the leader, especially nowadays as a lesson from my prior misunderstandings. I want the mirror to reflect someone who has honorable intentions but insufficient leeway to let them show, not someone who didn’t give an eagle’s talon about the matter to begin with. That’s always the aim… well, at least if it’s not the stars.

  • A player who is scrappy in relation to level
    - I’m a heavy hitter with high aims. This is a pretty self-explanatory concept. Like a zombie, I pretty much eat higher-level players for breakfast, and then some. (I’m being humorous here… but somewhat truthful!)

What I am striving for:

  • Team must have acquired access to Atlas, and must have conquered castles to distribute the daily player bonuses for better ease in minor events; must therefore have a well to store all treasures into for later use

  • Team must routinely achieve the 8/8 and 5/5 milestones collectively for final team prizes and quest chests; must also have a cheerleading squad on standby for those who get too dreary to commit

  • Team must have a strong, well-organized, respectful leadership group, and the rest of the team should follow in that regard; leadership should not have secret access to any palliative buttons that straighten the rough and endanger the calm in one swift, destructive action

  • Team must be at least semi-competitive, strategic to an extent, have values, and finish within the top 5-10 regularly in events, or at least perform well enough to reap enough of the corresponding prizes; members must have received training for leadership to see if they have what it takes to move mountains. :wind_face::mountain:

I hope you have at least enjoyed this post. :wink:

Should anything align or be of interest, you may communicate with me either via in-game emails/group chats or in the reply space below. I look forward to reviewing your offers. Thank you for reading.


I would offer up WorldStars as a home for you but sadly we aren’t in the leagues youre looking to join. Were only in plat 1 for now.

I do hope you find yourself a team :slight_smile: best of luck hun

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This is probably the second time I’ve seen you post looking for a team and might not be the last. You’re looking for a dream team…yet you haven’t found it with those “must” requirements you seek of.

Just quit the game already :slight_smile: or join any pirate team down in plat+. You’ll probably make home without offering so much and enjoy the game more.


The team he is on is literally disbanding, Idk what you want him to do about it


Cleary he wants Jalen to quit the game, she says sarcastically with an eye roll

Yes hence why jalen is still looking. Theres nothing wrong with having requirements of a team you join. If the player is giving 110% theres no way in hell they want to join a team that only gives 50%. Theyd want a team that can give 100% or even more!


Asking for this

Is too much.

I’m joking because that’s an army slang in my country.

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Wait … some teams have cheerleading squads?

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Well, it’s getting popular nowadays. It’s an option, but I wouldn’t force anyone to do so unless they have lost their passion for the game.

I’d look for a pirate team, lower leagues recommended is a plus.

Recruit him bud. Now or never.

Anyway, best of luck with your new home out there.

But jalen doesnt want a pirate team or to be in a lower league.

I get that pirate teams can be nice but jalen stated they wanted a team that has castles.

And finding teams in lower leagues that meet the 5/5 and 8/8 is like finding a needle inna hay stack. Its possible but a huge pain in the ass.

I did once, he didn’t meet our standards (tbf they’re quite high)

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I just wanted to contribute to this wonderful thread, most pirates, fake pirates included, have castles nowadays, it is worth asking the team if they have castles or not. Some hold them like real teams, some grab and abandon them constantly, but since the gold prim addition, and the fact that no one wants access castles, many have castles. Unless we are talking those next to gold league who call themselves pirates because they can not join a alliance or get a castle.

Didn’t mean for that to be a rant looks chonky :flushed: Anyway have a great rest of your day :blush:


Check out PaddyDragon

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FriendsnFamily is almost exactly as U described. We are respectful but we also LOVE FUN! We talk s#it to each other like it’s how U win and are always playing hard. I would normally say U will struggle for a bit at Ur level in these leagues and in atlas, but if Ur a good flyer U may not as much as others. PM me in game or on LINE if Ur interested in a convo. IGN CERRIDW3N

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@moderators you can close this thread now, please. :slightly_smiling_face:

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