January 09 Ban Wave

Dragon Lords,

We have, just now, banned and/or removed progress from numerous players (one of our largest ban waves in a single day) for cheating / exploiting.

As a reminder to everyone, please uphold fair play in War Dragons to make the game more fun and competitive for everyone!

We can’t discuss the details of individual player accounts, but if you have any general questions you can contact our player support team via the Help button under Settings. Thank you to everyone who continues to keep our community fun and fair!

NOTE: If you feel you were banned or rolled back in error DO NOT post that here. You need to submit a ticket and go through our support system. We will not be reviewing tickets in this thread. Anyone who posts here asking for their ticket to be reviewed will have their forum account silenced.


Maybe close thread to leave it at this? Unless you want responses here. But I’d like this post x100 if I could.


I’m going to let folks post here because I don’t want 1,000 other posts on the forum. To be double-clear, if you think you or a friend was banned or rolled back in error the person impacted needs to submit a ticket. You submitting a ticket on behalf of someone else does nothing other than slow down your friend getting looked at. Don’t clog the system please.


I don’t need to know who is banned but it would be helpful to know why they are banned. What behaviors were banned. Value packs or airplane mode.

What behaviors PG will take action upon.

Thank you


I realise you won’t release individual account reasons (why should you, we all like privacy), but is it possible to find out what sort of cheating you were targeting in this wave?

Some players were obviously suspected cheat/hack accounts, others don’t seem to be and there does seem to be false positives (which appears to be hinted at in your post).


Well done PG! Starting 2018 of the correct way:) everyone banned please go play a different game and do not return as Campus Lifer will violate you… again


Cheating. We’re taking action on cheating. The specific actions taken are so far out of line of regular behavior no one could assume they are legit.

This wave isn’t about airplane mode.


YEAH!!! :joy: pan pan pan pan pan


Edit: btw @PGJared you spelled pan wrong in your title… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m not saying there are false positives. I’m saying that we will look at anyone who feels their ban is in error. If it does turn out there is a false positive we will take appropriate action.


Holy crap finally an official response

10 character limit 10 character limit 10 character limit


Understood Jarad, thanks for clarifying.

So blatant cheating has been detected on a LOT of accounts. Seems a excessive if this only short terms/recent fraudulent activity? I think it natural for the legitimate players to want to know what the cheaters were doing to exploit the game, and how far back this goes?

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The PAN is here! How lovely!!! #CleanOurGame2018! Kudos to @PGJared


It’s natural to want to know that, but we will not be going into specifics at this time. Suffice to say it was massively obvious cheating and if you’re doing it you’d know.


I don’t see anyone banned come on here complaining yet - just sayin…


My Private Messages would disagree with that…


Call me an optimist but I have a hard time believing that many respectable players were cheating as outlandishly as is being claimed. I live with someone who had an alt banned that she doesn’t even play that much.
It’s just strange.


Thank you Jared for clearing things up :hugs:

People were saying it was minor account sharing so I was concerned. I should have trusted the judgement of the panhammer lol of course they’d say something like that :roll_eyes:

Cheaters deserve one thing :hammer::hammer::hammer:

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Ah haha ok - was just pointing out that if they didn’t know they were cheating we’d have more complaints on here!

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Have her submit a ticket and we will happily review.

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