January 09 Ban Wave


This ban wave was about blatant cheaters who used third party packs and game mods.



I was just responding to him. lol. Not calling out this stupid thing


I think some people missed my point. I personally don’t think Sands, Vines, etc are glitches, but ways to learn how to master the game play to use it the most effective and become a strong flyer.

I was using it as an example as some consider it a “glitch”, but I wanted to show examples of what could be considered a glitch, but hard to punish someone for game play vs using an obvious glitch like the forge one.


I honestly can’t believe we haven’t seen a cartoon yet with dialogue as such:

Hacker: Hahaha you can’t ban me!

PG Devs: in Barney Stinson’s voice CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

PG Devs: picture of Peter Pan *caption, “Thinking in Pan” *

Picture of Pan Panning Hacker’s avatar

I mean, the comedy in that…just TOO much. I do seem to recall a member/leader of a Team that was HEAVILY affected by this mass panning bragging about not being able to be panned… just desserts?


When you first start the game you have to read the TOS or at least check button that you read the TOS. If you didn’t read it, your bad. You deserve what you get.


Updated then :smiley:


I still find it immensely funny people like Bulldog would carry on and on about bad cheating was…wasn’t he the leader of EQ? Says a lot about the team.


EQ were banned?


Just Bulldog as far as I know. Still hilarious.


Sorry Aimee at pgjared not you :slight_smile:️ Justice replied to your comment not the topic apologies x


I agree with your points here and I think this is a reasonable request. However, I think the problem may be that PG is unable to actually fix the vulnerability that is allowing the cheat. Perhaps all they can do is ban people who use it. They don’t want to alert more people to the existence of the cheat because inevitably some will be tempted to use it and then PG will be forced to ban even more people…
I could be wrong. If they ARE able to fix the vulnerability, I don’t see the problem with letting the community know (in a vague way) what was fixed- AFTER the fact. For one thing, it would go a long way towards quelling some of the crazy rumors that are circulating out there right now.


Oh lol. The irony :roll_eyes::joy:


You realize this game is global? Which “minority’s” from which country? People of Arab descent aren’t the minority in middle eastern countries.


That’s way too fast for a slow clap. Google fail.


I don’t know if you can answer, but there has been a lot of speculating about how many accounts were affected I have seen from 100 to over 500.

At least my team hasn’t had anyone banned, I knew they were a good bunch :slight_smile: but right before this we did kick 13 members for inactivity…maybe we can fill our spots with refugees. :smile:


I Commend PG for doing this now I Wonder when will they Start offering bonuses for those playing the game with honour.


The bonus is not having to compete with cheaters.


Could not disagree more Mike. Those that abused the forge glitch knew they were cheating and did it repeatedly. There’s no blaming PG despite the glitch existing. I don’t care how much work or effort or money you put into your account, you lose the right to anything the minute you cheat - because this isn’t a victimless ‘crime’. Each one of those cheats cost other players time, progress and money. I say no rollback. Pan hammer shoulda be the only justice being dealt out.


To all the remaining cheaters out there Jfyi

PG will be like


Better quit now by yourself or face the face pan


@PGJared I know you cant discuss particular account specifics, but can you give us a general top 10? What were the top 10 types of cheating or behavior that caused you to issue bans or rollbacks?