January 09 Ban Wave


That yould make no sense? Why should he post it. That would help the hackers, to hide their cheats better, if they know which cheats are monitored.

Cheating is cheating, there is no difference.


apparently their perches were legit? Perch not reset.


Not asking for technical specifics and step by step instructions. Just general catagories.

Im a professional computer engineer. As badly written as this game is if I wanted to cheat Im sure I could figure it out on my own. I would wager that this software is vulnerable to just about every known method of exploit.

But I prefer to play honest.


You can try find a way of cheating :grin: but PG will PAN you i am sure


I’m sure that some game designer or computer engineer, or game developer could. The point is it’s against the TOS and cheating is not a reason just because the flaw exists. We should report the flaw to PG to fix and not cheat by exploiting it.

If this game has too many flaws then you have a choice to not play it. If you do then follow the rules.


All I was looking for was something like
Extra farms (200 accounts)
Unearned items (150 accounts)
Unbought rubies (300 accounts)
Account sharing (100000 accounts)



We will not be releasing this kind of information. All information that was initially presented in the OP is the information we are giving.


Ok I just don’t understand why pg is returning acct to maaaany people they just rolled back their accts and not doing it to everybody. If they’re going to do it to one Do it to everybody.


He was joking … particular teams have been a source of much angst as the bloomed from nowhere to max bases , spreading faster than STIs at a 70s music festival. They still couldn’t fly for shit, but we knew they were cheating. See ya monsters and dragonil et al. Don’t let the pan hit you in the ass on the way out.


There’s should be no rollbacks. Not sure the player base is happy that cheats are allowed to stay. I don’t care how much you legitimately spent, you forfeit the right play at all when you cheat. You can’t be half pregnant, you’re either a cheat or you’re not

@PGJared a legit concern…


Many? We’re up to 4 total out of over 1,000 banned / rolled back players. Your version of “many” seems off.


All the initial pan memes are here


Fair enough. I don’t agree but I’m okay with that. :slight_smile:


Get on this guys level lol. Just been introduced to this and my life is complete.


Yep that’s where pan comes from in case you were wondering :joy:


Well I officially been ignored by pg. Jared knows I’m saying the truth. PG HAS GIVEN BACK ACCTS TO CHEATERS AND I SEND THEM THE PROOF. JARED YOU CAN KEEP YOUR GAME AND BE HAPPY WITH WHAT YOU GUYS DO. Kick me out of this forum do whatever you want. I played this stupid game for 4 years and I regret not played marbles instead. Good thing I don’t do this living.


See ya!! :smile:


I don’t hack or use exploits and my account didn’t get banned. It might be a coincidence but…


…if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a pan.


Thank god, was sick of being mistaken for him lol


What part of submit a ticket and your account will be looked at don’t you understand? :roll_eyes: