January 09 Ban Wave


They did submit a ticket and they’re unhappy with the result.


Hey folks. Please see the original post. Specifically this part:

We have, just now, banned and/or removed progress from numerous players (one of our largest ban waves in a single day) for cheating / exploiting.

No one who was banned is being given their account back unless there was a false positive. Some player had a rollback instead of a ban. No we are not going to discuss criteria, because we are not interested in the surge of tickets trying to wheedle one result over the other.


The amount of money you spent has zero bearing on your ban.


It would be awesome if all the cheaters/expoliters/hackers could stop crying wolf an blowing up the pages an tickets. Give it a rest you got caught if ya dont like the outcome ya shouldnt of did what ya was doing when ya knew it was wrong. Free up some time an space for the legit players that got wrongly accused. Go play a new game now that you are finally rid of ruining this one for the rest of us. PgJared is doing a great job an his team on swiftly taking care of this.


So just to clarify. If you cheat you might just be rolled back? Or the rollbacks were the result of a mistake?


I think they mean severity. Like a one time exploit, versus a routine hacker


If you want to make a point it helps if you do it in an intelligent manner. Or you know, just keep doing it this way.


Panda it seems the rollbacks were part of the mistake caught in the wave. An they were given rubies an what not to make it better for the lost progress. But they wont disclose if it was a lesser degree of cheating or fully accidental.


I was just curious. But that message basically said…please don’t cheat anymore…so if you do. Better go for triple homocide and don’t shoplift and burn your one pass haha


No, that quote was from Jared’s original post. They banned some, and rolled back progress of some, according to the severity of the cheat/hack/exploit etc.

Campuslifer also made reference previously that he won’t ban players who used the forge exploit maybe once or twice - just roll back progress, but he will ban players who use is 100s of times.

So, to sum up, some cheaters got bans, some got rollbacks.


It’s a canned support message for any rollbacks. Like I posted above, it could have been them trying to do the forge exploit and it was rolling them back 30 seconds. If you look, though one message was sent today, it was an older ticket.


Why were you trying to do the forge exploit in the first place would be my question…if you don’t then you won’t have any issues…:man_shrugging:


Could have been an error, quick clicking? Pretty easy from what I understand to accidentally speed up a couple of forges without knowing.

It’s good there are different levels of severity of punishment.


I agree. I don’t know how to use it (nor want to) but I move exxxtttrraaaa ssslllloooowwwwwllllyyyyyy when I’m in there


It was fixed, so you don’t need to worry about that part, at least :stuck_out_tongue:

If, for whatever reason, you want to speedup something in the forge, just do it with the leftmost one.


Cheating is cheating. No shades of grey. All of them should be banned. Rollbacks are a cop out,


I want to clarify because folks seem to think we banned folks for an exploit that could be done by misclicking.

  1. It’s not a misclicking thing.
  2. Even if it were, the severity of players we’re going after would be like saying “judge, I honestly have no idea how 6,000 candy bars made their way into my pockets before I left that store”.

That’s the level of obvious cheating we’re talking about here. Like a mountain of illegal weapons and then saying it was an accident or a house made entirely of narcotics and then saying you didn’t do anything illegal.

Baneo selectivo?

Have seen people rolled back kver 100 levels. Not 30 seconds, so clearly major cheating going on. Nothing but bans is adequate for this. So far the PG response to this concern has been inadequate.


All I said forge or not forge using onnce or twice still is a breech to t&c so why not ban those acct instead is like slap on a hand and don’t do not anymore. What it losses me off is that they haven’t give me an honest answer. One person says one thing and another one says other thing. I have my receipts. I’ll put my hand too slap it and give the chance


They should get permabans.