January 09 Ban Wave


Reading this thread is like watching a comedy. I find your examples amusing and entertaining :+1:t4: Lol


Trying to keep it light. Don’t want this turning into a total bummer thread.


I’m opposed to cheating as much as anyone, but I am a little surprised at the vehemence of some that a permanent ban is the only possible solution. There are most certainly degrees of cheating, leveraging an exploit, or full-fledged hacking using a modified client (or some other means).

There may be other categories. But for me, these three cover it.

The forge glitch (the original one, before the partial fix), I actually discovered by mistake. I wasn’t trying to cheat. I just happened to speed up the one not on the left. Is that worthy of a permanent ban? What if I did it 5 times? 10? What is the threshold in your mind, and why would you draw the line where you do?

I’m not looking for PG to disclose any threshold here. I’m saying the punishment should fit the offense.

There are other glitches that people have stumbled up. I have reported some. I was never told nor to do it. Only that they were aware of it and thank you for letting them know.

So, in my mind, a glitch is the least of the offenses. I think for the most part, unless we’re talking many many many glitch exploits that have had such a substantial impact on both that player and others that a rollback is just not sufficient for the damage caused to others, glitches should very rarely result in a permanent ban. Substantial rollback or even a temporary ban, imo, addresses this sufficiently.

Cheating is, again, imo, a step up from exploiting a glitch. Personally. I think AP mode is cheating. It does hurt other players every time it is successfully used. But even here, depending upon the severity, frequency, and impact of the cheat (both on the Cheater and others), I think having a variety of suitable punishment, especially for a first time offence, is the best course.

Hacking is, imo the worst kind of cheating. I think all hacks should result in permanent bans. It is not possible to hack in ignorance or engage the services of a hacker. You know the cost in the game. There’s no way you thought that transaction was legitimate, just like you know your farm shouldn’t be making rubies and spell Flux shouldn’t destroy an entire base

A glitch is noticing the teacher messed up and all the correct answers on the test have their letters slightly darker. But you don’t say anything. You just choose the correct answers. Everyone had the same opportunity, but probably not everyone noticed. It’s about as unfair as being a more skill full flyer.

Cheating would he sneaking in some notes that might help if those questions show up. It’s unfair, but what if your notes are bad or those questions didn’t appear? To me this one is highly situational.

Hacking is giving yourself a blank test, marking whatever you want and telling the scantron you test sheet is the answer key.

Those are my thoughts.

PG can ofc, do what they like for whatever reason. That’s the nature of the relationship. We’re not customers in any traditional sense, and we don’t have any rights. It’s their game, and they make the rules.

I’m less concerned about PG right now though and more concerned about my fellow players and what seems to be a lynch mob mentality. Hopefully this is just a misunderstanding of what some have said. But if not, I encourage you to slow down for a moment and ask if you really believe a permanent ban is the only acceptable resolution for any violation of the TOS, no matter how minor?

If you do, then we will disagree. But if you don’t, then maybe we can all calm down a little, be thankful for what did happen today, and hope that the appeals work fairly for everyone.

That is my opinion, nothing more.


Were any of the narcs or gunlords rolled back as opposed to permabanned, or are we discussing two different groups caught at the same time here?


I just love this


On the contrary. It’s exciting and I’m totally glued to it


i have an uncle . he has a grandfather acct that he is so happy with it. Somebody in his team showed him the Forge glitch. He used it a few times and got banned . he lost his acct and could not ever played again


Multiple styles of cheaters were handled in this wave.

The loss of 30,000 SR was banned from the game

So you should band hackers and give a chance to a first insteance cheater. Is only fair and still more money for pg


Not sure how that’s fair.


I get that you think a permanent ban seems “unfair”, but honestly cheating is not fair itself. For all of us to enjoy the game I feel like no one should cheat or hack… it takes the fun out of the game really.


I’m pretty sure I’m not taking advice on what’s fair from someone banned for cheating.


Jared do you sleep?


Funny how one diamond team had a level 200+ leader then a level 8 and now a 34 and all different names
and with in a few hours… i am sure cheaters will return with new cheating accounts :woman_facepalming:t2:


I have a problem called insomnia combined with a whiny cat. (I am about to turn in though)


That has happened to me… attacked someone from attack roster who said it was a level 65 and ended up being a 350 and turned it in but was said to be a glitch :woman_shrugging:t2:


Oops this was meant to be a reply! Lol oh well! Night folks!!!


Cheating is a bummer @PGJared. I’m not laughing over here about the slapping with the wet lettuce leaf treatment :rage:


Sounds a lot like an apologist for cheats. All the above are dishonest. There’s no shades here - all these cheats rob honest players of progress, prizes, eggs, and more. How many players have fallen a few points short of a prize for the last sigil for a dragon. I stand with those players against the cheats who robbed them. I have zero tolerance for excuses.


It’s amazing really how you create such a Shit show (and there’s no other way of putting this) from one thread :joy::+1:t2:
Rock on sir