January 09 Ban Wave


I’m not sure if this belongs in this thread or in the tower balance on but given the amount of cheating that was going on. This completely skews the data on how many people
Have legitimately built bases and leveled dragons, showing that very few people in the game truly are able to do it. So when it seems like x% is fine with it. It’s only a fraction of that.


true, but the problem is that you are demonstrating two weights and two measures (italian style: D), two degrees of different judgment. I think that if you rollback accounts for forge you must use the same treatment for all those who used it, even if one has forged 10 weapons and another 100,000. The forge bug is yours, those who exploited it must be punished, but not forbidden. It’s not like buying packages or using third-party applications. it’s a problem caused by you … punished, rolled back, but not permanently banned whoever spent and played every day for years.

And I’m not a forbidden … I only say what I see when reading the forum. My 2 cent


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Of course you don’t credit castix for telling you how to fix the Reward exploit


To be clear I’m also not very happy that some got a roll back however this was more about the cheap kids who hacked themselves a lv 300-550 account out of the blue. 50% of my bookmarks are lv 1 now and over 1000 accounts are handled. That’s awesome period.

However some of the rats just gathered in a new team when they saw that the ban hammer came and instantly quit their teams.

I have them bookmarked and will report the new cheat team later today for investigation.

I also highly recommend to run a new data analysis bc this ban wave clearly showed that just a minority in this game CAN LEGALLY afford end game bases and end game content.



hello @PGJared may i ask why there is no response in the ticket i send ?? you guys literally ban me for no reason and im sure i didnt break any of Tos i read it carefully also i spend tons of money on this game and i ask you to track my iTunes purchase to clarify that im not cheater and lvl up by my own money this is the ticket number hope you give it a look #980230 also read what i say there in the last 3 messages there are some privet info i cant type it here :slight_smile:


If you would like to contest your ban, the best way to do so is by filing a ticket with support:


Posting on the forums is counterproductive and a complete waste of your time and PG’s time. With the mass of tickets, be patient and watch that ticket conversation.


Don’t want to finger point anyone. But look at the teamboard of a ‚famous‘ diamond team. like i.e. seeing a level 8 with low medal leading the team.

Could it be some just create new accounts and are returning back?


I suppose if they start over its fine


Until they get Panned again :slight_smile:


That’s not entirely true, I have worked for companies still using OS/2, Token Ring, Twinax, etc… Most of these youngsters out there wouldn’t know what to do with any of it. They will move on to easier targets.

LMFAO - kind of kidding as that has been my description of these company’s security policy.


Sounds like an “apologist for cheats” is anyone who doesn’t see the issue as binary.

If you really believe there is no difference between the player who uses a glitch that is part of the game (from my example, it appears unintentionally using a glitch is cheating in your mind) and a player who uses a third-party application or a hacked client to gain an unfair advantage, I am not sure we can even clearly communicate with each other. We will be speaking different languages.

I have never intentionally cheated. I have occasionally found glitches that were beneficial. But I am not banned, have never been banned, and have never been rolled back, even 30 seconds.

I can say I am glad the PGJared is responsible for appeals and not you. That you see this issue as binary shows, at least to me, a failure to understand the levels of complexity in this matter.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what any of us thinks. PG makes the rules, interprets them, and enforces them. They certainly should be fair, and I do not think they would intentionally be unfair. But we should all remember that none of us has all the information available to PG. They have a business motivation to be fair, and I believe they will be as fair as they can with the information available to them. For the sake of all players, I hope PG errors on the side of the players.

If you were incorrectly banned, my guess is you would want the same treatment. The Golden Rule isn’t just for the people you like.

I’m reminded of a riddle: you face two doors, one of which always lies; the other always tells the truth. How do you know which door is lying?


Cheaters act like this,
Spongebob:(hey Patrick,are u mad?)
Spongebob:(why are u mad?)
Patrick:(I can’t see my forehead…)


And I’m pretty sure you haven’t give a reason why you banned me. Si next time you called me a cheater was the proof on your hands Bc up this point you have t send me anything. After 25 emails I still waiting for a “legitimately” reason and you haven’t. Just mistake over mistake from “your” agents. So if you call me a cheater on the forum first look at the tail you stepping on.

Best regards



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Why do u call a bunch of guys who got caught cheating and are mad about it?
B:not my problem
C:should have thought about the consequences of their actions
D:all of the above


As counter-point:

What do you call a handful of people who were banned incorrectly and are still waiting for their appeal to be reviewed?

I do not think it likely this is more than 5% of affected accounts. But false positives happen. Find me an automatic detection mechanism for a moderately complicated system that advertises above 95% accuracy and lower than 5% false positives. There are some, but they are all rather expensive and very specific.

Automatic detection/flagging is not a replacement for human review. It is a supplement to it that makes employee time more productive. No systems is 100% accurate, and when dealing with a large number of users and a massive number of variables, there will be some errors.