January 09 Ban Wave


They will never give you the reason. That’s what happened to my teammate awhile back; support kept calling him cheater but can’t tell him why. Finally one reasonable PG guy realized it was a bug on their end and reinstated his account and gave him only 10 gold chests. He lost more than that of course.


So are you the first time cheater?? :woman_shrugging: Oh my how people tell on themselves :tea: :popcorn: This is like a soap opera. I must admit I am glues too


The funny thing is they have ban players who haven’t cheated I have 3 accounts my sons account myMy girlfriends account and they only been the hires levels on the ones we spend a lot of money and we having cheat at all and they haven’t gave us I respond if they’re counting metals I don’t think that is the issue with the hacking shit there is been going on for months on D1soon I am Uploading videos from player from the one that they have cheap for the last past year because they are buddies with PG


Cheated * and name from the ones I know there account was roll back


The system only bans questionable behavior. If you have nothing to hide u have nothing to fear. For those that actually didn’t do anything wrong my heart goes out to you and I pray this all works out for you. For those of you that do cheat and are crying on a public forum I have no sympathy for you. U did this to yourself now man up and take responsibility. Nothing in life is free. Earn it like the rest of us.


I doubt that PG does this. Traditional financial systems don’t even keep this kind of detailed record.


it’s possible.

The last game I handled 2 years ago had that. Can’t say what game it is, but it’s another mobile game. This is also true for other platforms.


Really? Because I can go to amazon and see exactly what I purchased and for how much years back. Any company selling a product not only will keep records of those transactions, but are actually required to by law for at least a certain amount of time. Keep in mind that they still have to pay taxes on everything, and have to save records in case of audit, etc…

So you are absolutely incorrect if you believe they aren’t keeping this data. Now, you could argue that they have the data, but don’t mine it for their own personal use, but that would just be naive of you to assume that they would not track data that is directly relevant to their business.


do you even read? or can you read?


Oh, honey. Bless your heart. It isn’t fair to compare PG to technology giant Amazon. They can store the world’s data


That’s not my point. Read the rest of the post, amazon was purely a simple example that I assume most people are familiar with on here. But any company you have transactions with is required to keep that transactional data on hand for a set number of years, whether or not they actually display that data for you, they have it.


Your ticket was submitted at 1:57am yesterday and then responded to at 3:34am the same day. You then responded with a request to have Cameron take a look at your ticket, and it’s been assigned to them. Unfortunately for you they’re extremely flooded with ban appeal tickets so the response time from them is going to be very slow.

I specifically did in your ticket. Go back and look.

This is true, which is why we did a ton of review before issuing the bans. So far we have had exactly 4 account s where the ban or rollback was incorrect. This was muddied a bit by an agent accidentally telling some banned players that they had been rolled back, so we had to correct the messaging. This is giving folks like Ca11yG1rl their target, because they think a mistake in one thing means a mistake in everything.

We are going through the process of manually reviewing every ban ticket that comes in to us. Players are asking for the tickets to be escalated, which means a smaller and smaller pool of agents looks at it (heck, some people are asking for it to be escalated to me and I’m pretty sure my turnaround on tickets at this point is 3-4 days).

This is all a very longwinded way of me agreeing with you and putting some details out there for folks.

You cheated big-league. Your ban is permanent. Hope that clears things up.

Hey, uh, I know it’s all fun to dump on PG and everything but we store logs of players actions like battles and resources uses and everything. This includes pack purchasing and other transactions because we need to be able to restore them to players if they get messed up somehow.


I bet you got grey hair coming out the last couple of days huh :joy:


Oh youre banned? How are your friends in MonsterDesert doing? Good?


Sorry, not meant as a dump on you, but it really isn’t fair to compare you to a giant such as Amazon. It’s nice that you store such logs, though you didn’t say for how long that you store them for. I wouldn’t expect you to have log stored since the inception of the game. From a data management perspective, keeping detailed logs over a long periods of time would be resource intensive and possibly prohibitively expensive. Many industries are discovering this and having to come up with new data warehouse strategies that often mean storing summarize information verses detailed transactional information.

As far as I am aware, there is no law in the United States that requires you to keep this transactional information for an set period of time as a business (financial institutions are a little different). The IRS does recommend keeping customer invoices for up to 3 years, but that’s a recommendation, not a requirement. It also may not be desirable to keep the information any longer then necessary for business or legal purposes, as it could potentially become a legal liability, depending on circumstances.


I am an accountant and i can confirm we do keep tabs just like this. When you enter data in any system you pull reports and it is in these report that we get the information. Also a marketing company would also keep a strong financial record for future products.



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So if you did cheat and are hoping to appeal for innocence, please don’t. Those that have actually been wrongfully banned need to get back to playing and you, cheaters, have hurt us enough.


a few line of text only consumes KB of data so it can store quite a lot of data unless this game has 3 million users that it might need some upgrade every few years to keep the records.

At most, it can take up to 10MB to save your game data. Just check Console or PC games save files, it is made up of data and some are megabytes while some are kilobytes.


Im afraid it will take another 2 months because i had a bad experience with the support 4 months ago ignoring my case for like 2 months so thats why i dm you directly

please can you check my ticket personally thank you for answering :slight_smile:


Most states require companies keep copies of certain documents for up to 7 years. What documents they must keep change depending on the type of company, service or merchandise.