January 09 Ban Wave


This is true. Data storage is a very complicated task, how much, how long and what level of detail can all vary. Often times, it will not be to the level of detail a consumer might expect. Seems because so much is digital, people have come to believe every little detail can be stored for very little cost for an indefinite amount of time. Which just isn’t true.


Posting here doesn’t help. Please monitor your open ticket for information.


Very true statement. I must say as we move over to the digital age more information is being saved and for a longer amount of time. But again true statement, everything cannot be saved forever… at-least not yet


Ok @PGJared how about we just ban the cheaters from forums too. All in favor say “I”


I like to watch them brag. It lets you know you are getting under their skin and you should continue to do whatever you are doing. (More pans!)


Aye Aye Aye, no place for this mofo


Just Great!!! Just gives me more reasons to STOP dumping money into this game. On top of it let’s prioritize hacker tickets while players that actually do “PAY” money get generic ticket response of oh that’s already been fixed with a patch hours ago when it’s NOT!


All they have to do is ban by the devices MAC address and that stops them, all can be seen.


What if the device is sold and someone else wants to play game on that device?


That there is not a PG problem , keeping the game cheat free is


Sorry, but even MAC addresses can be spoofed. Harder to do on mobile devices, most require significant modding to achieve, but it can be done.


People with no skill and no brains cheat, so I don’t think they will be able too


LoL! People with brains cheat more and in more advanced ways. You are underestimating real world.


I’d take a close look at this one in next pan wave @PGJared


No incorrect, people who cheat are using tools/information for one or two sources but never on their own.


Agreed, but that’s another conversation for another forum! :joy:


This seems trollish and immature. You don’t address the issue. You simply declare your edicts.

I will repeat: I am glad PGJared is ultimately responsible for the reviews and not you.


All I know is that I can type here hand on heart and say PG check my account I have never cheated, never will and if I ever had an issue a ticket was put in and PG fixed it, hoping one day the whole of WD can say the same thing.


If you have rooted or jailbroken your device, spoofing the MAC address is one line in Terminal.


I dont know what we are yelling about!!!

but at least I LOVE LAMP