January 09 Ban Wave


Nope, all I see is someone with fluid morality and that’s me being very very kind. You clearly think it’s ok to cheat by your posts and have admitted to exploiting glitches, for this, PG should check you and your team.


takes a little more effort to pass the spoof on to some apps though.


@PGJared can accounts having such insane amounts of chests not be flagged automatically for review?

Unbelievable these were acquired a legit way…


You got me.

That’s exactly what I did.


too long/didn’t nerd: it’s not that easy and they are already doing something better than that.

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MAC is layer 2. This cannot be done 99% of the time.

In Typical Ethernet you lose your layer 2 addess on gateway/wireless access point. Only IPs are persistent over routing, and they are often stripped out as part of NAT translation due to IPv4 private address spacing.

Yes the game app could capture the local MAC and send it to PG, but that could be easily circumvented, and a MAC is less useful than a device ID, and both would be pointless if you simply signed on from a new device. (And PG already does track and use the device ID, but it’s trivial to get a new device or generate a new fake id or mac)

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That is true. But I don’t want to write a tutorial on mobile device MAC spoofing. That might get @Dorbleditcher upset at me. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


This is EXACTLY and 100% accurate. Both are captured, but both can be modified at a level the game cannot detect.


Lol he deleted everything what a pity that I have screenshots lol



don’t care that reply got flagged either, i stand by it.


Looks like some are already back :roll_eyes:

or is this the one who are reinstated ?


And I won’t spend my money in this game again


Why delete your other comment lol ?? you were telling something in that.


well, you really can’t spend money if you’re banned.


Might’ve been a mod/PG deleting it; Panda had a 1+1 = cat comment :rofl:


It’s pretty trivial on a rooted android device. And it’s presented by the kernel as fact in a way that you can’t so easily discover the factory setting without taking the interface offline. (Although it may be in the boot logs)

But it’s also easily defeated by switching between wireless and Cellular, or external connectivity over USB. But even more so, anyone so inclined can easily get a cheap new device or already has a few laying around.

And the device ID’s are software generated, and at least in the case of Apple, it seems to be fairly easy to have a new one generated. (I won’t say how but you wouldn’t have to think too hard)

There is no easy way to stop new accounts by a banned person. Simply put, as long as the internet is open (doesn’t require you prove who you are to use it) it will be next to impossible to stop a person from creating a new account easily.


If you ask for a ticket to be escalated to me be prepared to wait quite a long time. I have a backlog of tickets and very little time to review them.

Do you really love the lamp, or are you just saying it because you saw it?

We’ve deleted a couple of posts…


Can we address the event being broken before making jokes please?


In a different thread, sure. Our team is already looking into it.


I think you’ve just been proven wrong. Angel got his account back.


Yup I was. I read in another thread that PGJared cleared him/her and restored their account. Good on them for not being one of the many cheaters and congrats to them on getting their account restored. It can absolutely be frustrating if you are one of the few who legitimately had a false positive, like was said before, it does happen, its just very rare. Regardless I’m glad they proved me wrong and got their account back. I’m absolutely opposed to cheaters, but its always a shame when the innocent pay a price for others cheating. Unfortunately the process will likely never be perfect, but in the long run this is far better for the game even with the few incorrect bans which will have to be sorted out.