January 09 Ban Wave


Next season, can we get a Flying Pan as one of the divine dragons?


Well you were certainly singing a different tune when you read his post. Not everyone is a cheater but I understand that the majority of the people that were banned were


Firstable I have noting to prove to you , and in case you care ( which you shouldn’t ) my account was back and working soon after my post and Pg checked. I do condemned cheating and am glad pg did the massive ban, but you should start making observations to people’s post without know each person case. I guess I did prove my case and my account was only banned for some hours since I have no need to cheat as I have enough money to purhase items that my account needs to advance in the game. But hey thanks for your opinion


Problem is… all the cheaters come into the forums claiming they are innocent as well, very few of them are in the end. So no offence, but you can’t take anything on the word of an anonymous person on the forums who was just banned for cheating, claiming that they aren’t cheaters. In Angeluss’s case it would seem they were indeed innocent, but for the other 20 people I’ve seen make the exact same claims on the forums, I haven’t seen any of them redeemed yet, and several outright condemned as blatant cheaters when they continued to push the issue.

But that’s exactly why it was recommended to Angeluss and anyone else who truly believes they were incorrectly banned to submit a ticket. Even in my original post I indicated that there was a possibility that it was an incorrect ban, and that if that was indeed the case to submit a ticket and PG would sort it out. It may take them some time to sort through all the complaints (because all the cheaters are also claiming to be innocent), but they will eventually clear you if you are indeed innocent.


Even if it might be statistically probable, it’s not really worth accusing people (vs reporting in-game)? :woman_shrugging: There are plenty of people who do spend a lot of real money on the game, even if others don’t agree with it; it’s their money and ultimately keeps the game running.


Wel they can’t tell me exactly why my acct was banned. I been playing this game for 4 damn years and they banned me in secs without a legit reason We have how many bugs, issues with every single update, and we put up with it Bc we like the game. But not they banned and insulted me publícaly in a forum calling me out loud a cheater using my game name to clarified their mistakes and violating my privacy and still after 5 days no legit reason. They know they have given back accts to people who “cheated” like “me” and why not given my acct back. They haven’t even look at my acct. Daniel told me my acct was rolled back Bc maybe he saw there was no mistake but Mr. I can do anything aka. Jared said no and he is the real dragon lord. He hasn’t seen how much money I spend in this game? A lot of money, time and effort. My medal acct didn’t raised by itself I send them messages about a glitch in my acct and they said it was ok. I send them the screenshots of my glitch THEY check my acct and now out of no where they banned my acct. simple just not fair


Lol(10 characters)

  1. You posted here first, thereby publicly announcing you got banned for cheating, regardless of whether it was a false positive of not.

  2. You do realize our forum names are our in game names right?

  3. Jared def told you to go look at your ticket response.

  4. Patience really is a virtue.


@PGJared literally said the amount of money you’ve “spent” in game has no bearing on your ban. Just accept the fact you’ve been caught cheating and go to a different game


I’m sorry it’s just so funny.

People get so worked up. They act as if banning should never happen without some kind of public trial. The game was seriously hurting because of rampant cheating.

Now I could be wrong, but if say the forge glitch was something they were punishing, Jared said it was like thousands of times. That’s a lot of times. I do know a large percentage of the players would be equally guilty if you banned every person who did it 1 or 10 times. But thousands?

Anyways my point is that if say you somehow just barely crossed the threshold, I’m pretty sure being rude and angry in a public forum is the last thing you want to do. Why can’t you have the same decorum of getting pulled over on the road?

Cheating or lack thereof is entirely a private matter. The only possible reason for lashing out in the forums is because you want to hurt PG or because you pride yourself in being dramatic.

I do get the feeling that possibly people don’t feel the cheating really was cheating, kind of like how most people feel driving 5 miles over the speed limit wasn’t really wrong. Even if that was the case you have to know in the back of your head you are taking a risk and you might get pulled over. (And if you aren’t okay with that you shouldn’t be driving over the speed limit or at all)

So much entertainment.

Thank you again PG for being diligent on this, and also for putting in extra hours doing a thankless job.


Maybe you ought to stop accusing everyone of cheating just because they were mistakenly banned. Like I said in my prior post you certainly sang a different tune once you found out someone banned was redeemed


To be fair, fewer than 1% of users banned turned out to be false positives. They had a pretty good chance of being correct in their accusations. Either way let’s take the argument somewhere else, okay?


@xViTaNx next time if you want to have your account back, consider be the same person. Didn’t see you being as polite there. Learn to be consistent.


How do people without brains cheat though? I feel like they’re really the one you have to watch out for.


That’s why people call them script kiddies…




Did you ever go to a third party website to buy your rubies, etc? That could be the reason they rolled you back. Trying to help.


So now you admit to cheating. Why all the angst? Suck it up buttercup. You did the crime now pay the time.


Hehe cheaters get outta here.


I heared of friend of mine she was wondering and the answer from support is always that copy paste answer .
Her request was #979994 , idk what is true or wrong ,inside this 1% seems to be innocent people where i think you as PG find anyway of compensation for those .

As i see here the reason of the cheating people are similar , but if its a mixed case with many different cases it could be good to tell, as once CampusLifer told some people , the cases.

The negative aspect of innocent people isnt just the ban itself , its more that some teams fall apart , but i think if that 1% get there account back and be told something about they will be happy and much will be forgotten .