January 09 Ban Wave


I think this incentivizes teams to actively make sure they don’t have cheating on their team. Without this, a team could be aware of cheating and allow it to happen while only having risk for the player.

Of corse the type of cheating would need to be something that could be noticed easily enough as a teammate. And I’m not even sure if that’s sufficient incentive to not turn a blind eye.

We almost need like a Sarbanes-Oxley type punishment where if it can be shown that a leader or officer was aware of cheating on their team that the leader or officer was personally “sent to jail” aka temporary pan.


They can request for it to be escalated, but if they do this the ticket will take longer too.


Obviously you don’t understand sarcasm. “It’s ok”


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Yea i know , as before happened here, and i told that aswell.
I just want to say even if there are much people who have cheated, for those who ask for there reason there should be a explanation which is deeper then just tos. As you mentioned aswell…

I guess its just natural , while there is so much work fpr PG about, that it will be a bit longer until solved.


That answer was about innocent ones, and if they was innocent in a normal team , then there was no cheater at least.
The thing is it will take time to give that 1% there accounts back , but until that every one of them lost something, and that is something where PG need look and have in backmind i mean.


I am curious as to why the cheaters are still in-game… I personally getting tired of seeing them in league chat babbling on and on and on and on and on…


who? i didn’t think they could log in?


Why would you have false positives in the first place? If you ask me one innocent person caught in this mess is too many. Just ask yourself if it were you how would you feel after putting all that effort into something to be banned for no reason. Just goes to show how much you value your customers.


there’s no perfect system or anything in this world.

There will be innocent people that’s going to be caught in between the purge (panning).

Even a AAA game company will have false positives, but they don’t restore your account unless you spend 1-2 weeks contesting it.

Want an example? Destiny 2. Ported to PC from console. Result? Hundreds (thousands was a bit exaggerated) of account got banned for no reason. You have to spend quite a lot of time just to appeal to that ban.


As long as the bans get reversed in a reasonable timeframe i dont see much of an issue there. Sure it would suck, and some form of compensation would be in order too.
But to state that (by latest count) 996 cheaters should be able to keep cheating in order to save the 4 false positives is not what i would call the best way


time for the ban to be reversed would depend on the amount of cheaters claiming to be “innocent”

so if 500 of the 996 cheaters (based on your 996 cheaters example) sent a ticket claiming to be innocent, it will take time for the actual innocent people to get investigated and reverse the ban.

Well, for me, as long as the ban is reverse for those truly innocent, I think that’s still good than no reverse even though you are innocent.


There will always be some false positives. Even in drug tests there is a certain percentage where the test will detect something wrong. Then again, there are also false negatives and this may explain why you may still see some you suspect to be cheating.


ImanGHR’s opinion on cheating

As cheaters seem to brewing a massive comeback, i thought this video by Iman is quite fun to watch.

“How could you have fun with cheating?”

Guessing they could?

I suggest all cheaters to watch this video and,

When they come back strong, Pan hammer will be stronger :slight_smile:


Yes that’s great example. Drug testing is filled with potential false positives. So a sample can be submitted for gas chromatography to distinguish a true test from a false one. Where I work we don’t do business based on a urine drug sample, we wait for the time needed for a gas chromatography sample to return before labeling someone a drug abuser. I’m basically saying that if proper investigation is done before a person is banned then there would be no false positives. Don’t they keep payment records? Can’t they see how packs are purchased? As a paying customer, don’t you expect that kind of treatment? I do.


You bring up a good point with secondary testing (such as the ticket investigations PG is conducting as we speak). Unfortunately we live in a world that is dishonest and though we would like to believe in “innocent until proven guilty”, to protect the majority it just doesn’t work that way. As I witnessed during my time in the service, one who “pops positive” is guilty until proven innocent by secondary testing for the better (and often safety) of the whole.

This may also have been the most expidicious manner of handling the sheer numbers involved, and as we have seen with ANGEL in the thread above, those truly innocent can appeal and have been reintated. I for one am grateful that these measures have been taken.

I do expect to be treated fairly as a paying customer and from what I have seen, these guys are working to the knuckles reviewing and responding to long threads like this one and the tickets they receive.


@PGJared I do have one question. Why not tell the people who are banned why they’re banned? Seems like a reasonably fair question. I wasn’t banned but I had friends who were and they all got the same response. We will not disclose why you were banned.


They were banned for cheating

Unless they play in their sleep, they know what they did


Saying banned for cheating is not an answer.


And assuming people know what they did to violate the TOS is presumptuous.

It’s quite possible some don’t have a clue.