January 09 Ban Wave


This has been covered already: please read up before wasting everyone’s time


PG will not explain to you what methods of cheating were detected so that you can avoid those things and safely continue with others. (Especially in a open forum)

It sounds like some folks may have been told privately in their ticket broadly which type of cheating they were caught doing.

I have mixed feelings on this as If I was banned I’d have had no idea why and would want to know too. But they have also shown they are willing to appeal and have put in a large amount of due dilligence. Enough so that I feel they have my trust. Actually
I feel like they error on letting cheating go unpunished in many cases. I doubt you will find a much better experience getting banned anywhere else.


if you don’t have a clue what you have done to get you banned, then send a ticket for a ban appeal.

Not having a clue is a possibility if you are innocent. However another possibility would be if you are a cheater that don’t know what type of exploit that gave you a ban.

It is not recommended to say what got you ban because if the cheater did multiple types of exploit or cheats, then that would mean that they will avoid that and use the other cheats that wasn’t detected.


Seems like PG doesn’t have a real fix for the real problem. The fact that any users can gain god mode is absurd. I guess your only choice is to spend hours on figuring out how to ban players faster. :joy:


In 20 years of online gaming from PC games to Playstation to Xbox to mobile I’ve seen millions of players get banned for using glitches.

At one time in world of warcraft Blizzard was banning a half a million accounts every week for several weeks in a row. But at no point has a gaming company refused to tell the person what they did. I’m not banned but I feel it’s only fair to at least tell them… You used the forge glitch or you used the sigil glitch or whatever they did.

That’s not giving up any information that would compromise the game because neither glitch exists anymore. And if they were using some 3rd party program then just say. We identified you using a 3rd party program to exelerate or enhance your game play.

No where in there does it compromise the game. And if people know they can be caught using or doing any of that then the rest of the players won’t try it.

I have friends who are new to gaming because they’re not the type to sit in front of a computer for hours or a console but mobile gaming gives them the freedom to play while working or raising a family. And since they don’t have my extensive history of gaming they’ve got the mindset of well, if they don’t want us to use the glitch they should fix it.

Now while I know that’s the wrong way to think. It took some explaining to get them to understand why developers don’t see it that way. So again I feel like telling people why they’re banned may lead to a greater understanding of what not to do for both the banned and the not banned.


Some of us do play in our sleep Gox :joy: Looking at you @LadyShyvana
Can legitimately claim I defend while asleep/napping, the almighty buzz controls my war nights.

Disclaimer to stay on topic: How do glitches that are so obvious (6000 instances of weapons etc) go unnoticed in this volume until now? Surely it would be better to as they happen/are detected? Would certainly have avoided the heavy workload you guys have had this week. I don’t at all envy you guys, soldier on!


To be fair to the accused, we know of 4 so far only because that is the number Jared has given. I have no reason to doubt this number, but I also know a false positive rate that low is unheard of in IT. The only possible way to achieve that low a rate would be to have the threshold so high that there are still thousands of lesser cheaters in the game.

It’s not the death sentence, so while I generally agree that it’s better to not accuse a few guilty than to falsely accuse an innocent, we’re not talking about something that can’t be undone. Yes there are some repercussions for a false ban, but I think PG recognizes this. I have never been banned, so I don’t know if they provide any compensation, maybe rewards that would have been earned or what…

But if these numbers hold, and we stay below 1% false positive, based on almost 15 years as an IT Security professional, I would be more concerned about the cheaters still in the game than the ones who were banned.

I’ll say it again - - security through obscurity doesn’t work (especially when that obscurity is merely not communicating… Almost certainly PG is using normal programming languages and standard database tools–no real obscurity there.)


This is 100% on point. Although my experience has been that generally, if the exploit were a glitch, it didn’t typically lead to a permanent ban, unless players had been warned.

To me, there’s a fundamental difference between using a glitch to your advantage and using a third-party tool to “enhance” your experience.

Players can all be warned: PG is aware of such and such glitch. Any players caught exploiting this glitch after (time message was sent) will be subject to appropriate sanctions, including permanent banning.

This language gives away no information people do not already know. So, there’s not suddenly a greater risk.

And even if specific details are not made public, I think it is fair for those who have been banned to be told what contributed to that ban. Just as Tunapiano said, this can be done in a way that doesn’t expose the weakness but that does increase confidence that the decision was right (correct/just).

I know PG can do what they wish. But I’ve been playing games since the early 80s. My experience is certainly not prescriptive, but it’s an accurate reflection of the last 35 years of video gaming. Just my opinion, ofc. And the only opinion that matters here is the one PG chooses to hold.



I’ve had over 1k bronze chests that I spent hours and hours every day getting. Even hoarded gold chests. If you don’t open them they stack up pretty quickly. I don’t think chests are a good way to measure if someone is cheating since many people grind away to get them.


That’s just not true. Plenty of companies say “cheating” instead of going into details.

When it comes to stuff we don’t look at “how many chests does this person have” we would instead look at “how many chests did this person earn in a given day > hour > minute > instant”. If you have 10,000 gold chests because you’ve been saving them up, good for you. If you have 10,000 gold chests because you somehow earned all of those in a single action, not good for you.

(Not to say this is what the ban wave was looking for, but just playing off the example given.)


Thanks PGJared on shedding some lights on your ban methods. I’m curious did I guys actually go thru each account? Or you have a script?


They’ve restructured. Looks like another generation of cheaters. Pity! :hatched_chick:


Oh mon dieu!! C’est quoi ça?!calmez vous et laissez les tranquille!! :woman_shrugging:t2:


It’s actually great that they all congregate in the same teams - makes PG’s life easier!

@PGJared @pgCampusLifer if you guys haven’t built a tool to keep tabs on particular players now is the time! These guys are so stupid they all come back to the same place…SMH :man_shrugging:


Account sharing takes away the individual need to contribute Istead of stepping aside and playong fair they let their teammates play on their accts So that allows them to complete war and event attacks which would not be completed This allows teams that indulge in this hehavior the ability to make sure all players do wars and events while teams that dont account share get screwed That is in itself an unfair advantage I personally abhor cheating of any kind Not cause it “screws pg out of __________” but because this is a game and should be fun and cheaters take the fun from the game
Kudos on the bans Please fix the players that didnt deserve “roll backs or bans” as I know you have a monumental task with that I would ask that you put account sharing on your radar soon Thanks man




January 12 |

Did you ever go to a third party website to buy your rubies, etc? That could be the reason they rolled you back. Trying to help.

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January 10 |

I really don’t know why is that happening for me I really spend more than 3000$ to get my Equestor and have him in level 35 with rider and no my level is rolled back by you guys to 167 was 208 have 80k tokens heading to garnet tier all that i get from the support team that was because of cheating an…
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You are doing it wrong.


:woman_shrugging: I can tell you that the pg did give me lots of rubies now as a reward but believe me i don’t have the same spirit of doing that again I mean leveling up my base or training my dragons or doing any thing if they did for me the same thing again I will stop playing this game it’s not worth it really


So you were found to be cheating and either under review it was decided they were wrong or that they would give you some mercy. As a result you were given rubys to make up for your progress lost.

If you call their bluff, I hope you are prepared to find it wasn’t a bluff. Sometimes the car salesman lets you walk off the lot. It’s not really a public forum thing. Good luck.