January 09 Ban Wave


Thanks and to you as well actually i wish luck for all of you guys that I really don’t have it in this game​:+1::wave:t2:


Goodbye then


Lol bye :wave:t2: I :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


Probably easier for your pocket book this way of it cost you 3k to get Equestor to level 35. Lol.

Anyways, goodbye!


I got banned and opened 2 tickets , no response :frowning:


There is a delay in tickets due to the mass number of tickets open and the time it takes to look into each account. Be patient and remember not to “update” or keep replying to a ticket as it actually increases the wait time.


This was my guess and PGJared confirmed that it is not far off. So you have to wait for your turn until they finish the others that came first before you.


And don’t keep updating the ticket(s). It pushes them to the bottom of the queue, meaning you will wait even longer for a response.


what bunch of idiots who would spent thousand of dollar on a fake dragons.


If it keeps you at home and away from the :dancer: clubs, you actually end up saving money lol.


Would be definitely worth if it was for the “real” dragons right?


Is it possible that a engine can be installed that detects suspicious activity such as cheating, cheating hacks/ exploits
What ever they are using to there advantage, with such detection can be used against them and the team they represent as to losing a war or discontinued from events for the use of such cheats,hacks and exploits.
The issue I see is that we will never be able to stop the cheating but if it can be used as a tool to be reversed on to them upon detection is it possible?


a perfect cheat detector doesn’t exist. You can only catch them and fix the loophole and then the creator of the said cheat/hack will find another way to make another loophole in the system.


In the case where the glitch has been fixed (like the forge glitch), they will mention if thats what you did. If youre using a 3rd party whatever, then you know you are doing so.

Players should assume that they can be caught for any type of cheating.

That would actually inform tons of players about a glitch that they would otherwise not know about, and can exploit. Would probably result in way more people doing it.


Nobody has publicly charged anyone. So no defamation has occurred , so no it is no actionable in a court of law.


I like my fake dragons.


Owl I would love to have your trust in PG. I guess giving someone a reason after they have spent thousands of dollars could be bad as it could lead to further loop holes. Let’s instead let pG play god… oh wait they already do.


Yeah, theres a lot they do that I dont like, but as far as keeping the game clean to the best of their ability, I choose to trust them. I think theyve improved and when they explain why they do certain things regarding cheating, i dont know, i guess it just makes sense to me. And when they cant or dont, I can usually think of a good reason why.


We got hurt by the ban we got declared 7 wars because of that and we fell to saph 3 and of course lost all wars.


That sucks, but seems a necessary evil if theyre to get rid of cheaters. It happens to everyone at some point…