January 09 Ban Wave


If I really deal with cheating, why should I pay the money?


Race and money “invested” doesn’t matter here. If you are caught, then you get panned.

Also, PUBG banned thousands of chinese cheaters which they said that most cheater came from china, should they also ban thousands of non chinese player so it isn’t considered racist?


I hear a really good way not to get banned is by not cheating. Can’t be racist against Arabs if I’m still around :woman_shrugging:


If you are actually innocent, then wait for the ban to be reviewed instead of trying to make wild accusations; it’s not going to help your cause. They’re very backlogged due to the ban wave and probably other things like complaints about Thunderstorm :rofl:

Also, there’ve been various points where people who spent money (and considerably more than shown) decided to cheat/exploit, so spending doesn’t mean anything.


No, only the Arabs are banned, and the biggest evidence is that you show the Arab teams and boast about it


Arab teams weren’t the only ones banned. Please refrain from making accusations based on nothing but speculations. Wait for your ticket to be resolved and remember that constantly replying to it actually pushes it further down the line.


then i guess we have evidence (based on your claim) that some of the banned accounts came from those minority of “naughty arabs” while there are still good arabs in the game like @ErisNyx


Why the Chinese teams are not displayed


This is a public forum where players post what they want. This is also getting frustratingly out of hand. Please wait patiently for your ticket to be resolved if you are innocent.


I will not allow you to attack Arabs


Maazlni I love and strongly to play and are treated like this


Saud007, if most cheaters are from arab speaking countries, well, this doesn’t make PG necessary a racist. I understand that you like to play the racist card when it suits you, but this doesn’t make you right. The same as for spending money. What you show with those spendings maybe is a coverup - buy some packs and cheat at the same time - so that you have a better/viable excuse “I buy packs, why should I cheat ?”. Exactly what PG said - they don’t care about your spending, because spending and cheating can very well go hand in hand.


Maybe you’re new to the forums and/or unfamiliar with Monstersdesert, but the reason people were amused to have them caught in the ban wave is due to things like this:


Does this give you the right to defame the Arab teams even if there are those who violated the rights and cheating it is not fair to publish the pictures of the difference no matter how many


It’s not really a loss if it was a cheated base. Not supposed to get there in the first place. We all work our butts off to recruit. So should everyone.


If you read closer, she said there are good ones and bad ones, which is true for every country and every race. Read closer please.


I don’t defame anything, read again my post. And I learnt from my youth that nothing speaks louder than your own actions. So those who defame Arab countries are those Arab speaking players caught cheating. You should be angry about your countrymen than PG, IMHO.


At this point, I think we just need to cover some basics. If you would like to contest your ban, the best way to do so is by filing a ticket with support:


Posting on the forums is counterproductive and a complete waste of your time and PG’s time. With the mass of tickets, be patient and watch that ticket conversation. If you continually “bump” the ticket or keep replying, it actually increases your wait time. I know being patient in these situations can be difficult, but there is a mass load of support tickets right now.

Also remember that PG technically isn’t required to tell you anything. You’re welcome to ask for more answers, but PG owns your account (and mine) and can do with them as they so choose as stated in the ToS you agreed to by downloading the game.


  • Make a ticket at support.wardragons.com
  • In a ticket wait patiently.
  • You may choose to “escalate” the ticket, but that make take longer.
  • PG owns your account.
  • Posting on the forums actually doesn’t help at all. Just go to your ticket.

I am making the decision to close this thread due to repeated hostile posts. It may be reopened by a PG staff member in the future.