January 2018 Forum Contest: ~I Believe I can Fly~

Hey, Dragon Lords! This month’s contest will give you the opportunity to show off your favorite dragon in a video. This is open to players of all levels because we all have dragons that we love to fly.

What do I need to do to participate?
Create a video of you flying your favorite dragon or dragons. Video themes can include (but are not limited to):

  • An instructional video with commentary if you are a higher level player
  • A cool flying video with music (show us your editing prowess!), or
  • A simple bloopers video with some of your favourite dragons on your roster.
  • Entries will need to be submitted as links via YouTube or Vimeo. (If there’s some other video site that I am forgetting, feel free to use that).
  • Only 1 entry per player

Who will be judging the entries?
Entries will be judged by the War Dragons Team.

How long will this contest run? When will winners be announced?
This contest will run from today, January 16th, to Friday, January 26th. Winners will be announced on Friday, February 2nd.

What can I win?
Prizes will be as follows:

  • 1st Prize: A War Dragons Swag Bag (the one featured on our Atlas Launch Stream), a poster, and 3,000 Wintertide Sigils
  • 2nd Prize: A War Dragons Mug (also featured on our Atlas Launch Stream), poster, and 2,000 Wintertide Sigils
  • 3rd Prize: A poster and 1,000 Wintertide Sigils

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us! We can’t see what amazing videos you’ll create. :slight_smile: Happy flying!


Good luck Dragon Lords! :slight_smile:


many Ryuu deaths


Quick update: the “sigils” mentioned under the prizing section will be Wintertide Sigils! We rarely ever give away Season Sigils (aside from Forums contests like these), so this is one of the best opportunities for you to get that extra bump in Sigils before the season is over! :snowflake: :smiley:

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Ryuu and lyth videos are the ones I will live for


At my age my darn smartphone is smarter than me.LOL. Wish I knew how to do a video with my phone. Well good luck to everyone.


iOS 11 users have it the easiest, as you can just swipe up and hit the record button in the lower right. If that doesn’t show up, you can try this guide (or google for whatever preferred site). You can also enabled shared replays, but I hear that people sometimes have issues with it.

For Android, you’ll need to use a separate app, such as Play Games (find the app, then hit the camcorder to launch the game + record) or YouTube Gaming; both are from Google, which already has all your info anyway :see_no_evil: vs a random third party.


You can download the program DU recorder for your mobile telephone, easy to use.

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I have a funny idea but no video editing skillz…anyone wanna help? :smiley:

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Not really.

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Thank you so much.

Heck yes…

This should be fun.:grin:

Not a chance my game can handle running a background app to record takes me 6 force closes and restarts just to view bookmarks again after almost every run lol good luck to all though


Samsung has a nice game launcher app with all features as well!


The good old times…


I sometimes find myself wondering what the difference between noctua and cheating is. A white spell that locks down the majority of the island and leaving it 1 shot, a complimentary massive heal spell and cloak If you’re running heavily defended setups. (As you do in diamond)

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How do you judge the category of the contest