Japaneeeeze cheat at monsetrsdesert

Please everyone check this attack how japaneeeeze blow up the last 2 island and the base after dargon died.

We would like to see if PG will have same hummer pan to japaneeeze as he did to us… also i would like mr/ mrs panda at dreadnought to start her/his defend against cheating.

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its a visual glitch on your part, you can clearly see he uses consume to heal his dragon before it dies 2:18 to be specific


Looks like the old visual glitch where the dragon would not respawn after a rising phoenix and everyone would not see the dragon continue his flight.

This isn’t an instant kill like is seen in other threads IMO.

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Obviously it’s a visual glitch with slow network
Which could happened even if defender have bad connection.
I watched it in slow mode and flying looks absolutely legit

I don’t know exactly what it is but it came to my mind what Mech wrote, the rising phoenix glitch.

I suppose that from now on we will have an endless series of posts with videos of hypothetical (or not) hackers.

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If you watch carefully the consume only heals a small way, and then that health is then lost. I wonder if it is an interaction of the two spells being on at once. Either way it needs to be fixed. Ghost dragons ain’t easy to defend against.

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Replays seem to have these visual glitchs from time to time…

The video posted of your team cheating was recorded in actual attack, not a replay

If i were to compare between the flux cheat and this one? The flux is the most severe one and hard to prove that it is not cheating since it took like a few seconds to destroy everything instantly.

The video you gave is mostly a visual glitch cause by the feature and connection itself.


I would also like to know seriously we have been really screaming for the last 5 war with japaneeeeze that our defend point not counting we allways get 70 points. But yesterday cause PG was investagting watch the difference please.

there is 1 day between this 2 wars. Some1 please give me a logic reason.Uploading… Uploading…

There is a big difference in this two screenshots… in one you didn’t fight so is possible that you have not defended at some point.

Interesting …

Are y’all allowed to get into defend and just not counting or is it like bad connection / airplane mode?

I don’t think, lightning towers are shooting at an undefined point in the sky where the dragon “died”.
I think it’s more a Consume spell glitch

We didnt attack cause our defending point wasnt counting it was a cheat …

This thread is a real reach after having justice served yesterday.


I kind of agree, he/she didn’t even answer my question , just straight to saying it’s cheating

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Well…if they are doing something then I am sure action will be taken in light of what happened. Cheating either way is wrong but I am not sure defense points increasing is a concern.

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Your not a beginner player padna , u can tell this is not a logic difference , this is not the 1st time , we have been complaining about that each war, even you at LC said fill a ticket about it, but yesterday cause PG was investegating im pretty sure didnt use what they are using plane mode or whatever, this is not an easy difference.

Airplane mode won’t allow backup. Since they had backup, they weren’t using airplane mode.


More likely they didn’t defend in order to stage a counter-claim :roll_eyes:.

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Amazing, you are complaining cause they use airplane mode when all of you know that your leader (if I’m wrong) use cheats to win wars. :disappointed_relieved:

And worse, he boasted about it in LC. No words.