Jared AMA (non-work stuff)


Hey folks,

It’s a holiday break here in the USA for a lot of folks at PG. I’ll still be online making sure any fires get put out and handling support requests that come my way. For folks who aren’t spending their day going all-in on turkeys and cranberry sauces, I thought we could have a little fun. Ask me anything that isn’t PG-related and I’ll answer in my spare time between now and Sunday evening.

Don’t ask questions that’d be off-limits on the forum anyways. No vulgarity. No sexual content, etc.

(Note, this doesn’t mean I’m not working or I’m ignoring your post. Just adding this in to create a little levity during the holiday.)

Aaaaand we’re done! Thanks to everyone who participated!

Controversial mercenary war tactic condoned by PG

What’s your favorite PC video game?


Right now it’s Battle Chef Brigade! It just came out a few days ago on PC. It combines monster hunting with cooking, so it’s a win-win for me. Also, they have some great food jokes! One of the characters is a necromancer who summons sous-skeletons.


who do you like to work with the most at PG? :smiley:


Favorite animal and color!


I could totally ask this in the office, but for the folks online…

What’s your favourite dish to make, and why? What’s your least favourite dish + why?

(PS Jared is an insanely amazing chef, ask him ALL the foodie questions!)


If you could have dinner with anyone who has ever existed who would you pick and why?


Can I be a sappy manager and say “my team”? Seriously I love all the folks on the PX team and I’m happy to work with them every day. Outside of my team…hrm…One of our PMs is super fun to work with. They also kicked my butt at axe-throwing, and they’re full of great ideas.


Favorite animal is usually the Peregrine Falcon, but this time of year it’s an Antarctic Scale Worm that I use to try to convince people we harvest for tinsel.


My favorite dish to make is actually macaroni and cheese. People think it’s kind of a bland and simple dish but if you make it from scratch and have a little culinary know-how you can turn it into a high quality meal.

My least favorite thing to make is puff pastry. If I’m trying to make something super nice like mille feuille I’ll make it from scratch, but otherwise I buy it at the store.


Any pets? :heart_eyes:


That’s a really good question. Maybe Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of the United States of America. I’ve always found his last words to be poignant, and I’d love to know what he meant. “I am a broken piece of machinery. When the machine is broken, I will be ready.”


Yes! A small cat named Clement. Here he is in a chicken hat.

(Note: he has both of his eyes. He was just winking due to dust.)


@PGJared If the ghost of Christmas past came to visit you this year and offered you an opportunity to alter one thing in your life history, a do over, what would you change and why?


Favorite sport/ Sport team?


Oh, man. Uh, that’s a heavy one. I’d probably go back and not graduate high school early.


Favorite sport is rugby, though I haven’t played it in 20+ years. Favorite team is a Finnish hockey team called Jokerit out of Helsinki.


Did you start in the gaming industry in PX?

Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses? :duck:


I started in PX, moved to community, moved to a hybrid role, and then moved back to PX. I’ve been in this industry for about 10 years now and I’ve done a fair few things.

I would prefer the duck-sized horses because after our fight I hope we can get over our differences and become best friends.


So now that your culinary skills are known, I bring forth the age old question… what is for dinner?