Jared on vacation


Hey folks,

Now that the holidays are over I’m going to go ahead and take a couple of weeks off. I should be back towards the end of Feb, though you likely won’t see me on the forum until early March. During that time I won’t be responding to any messages, so please make sure you message @DragonPunch or @Arelyna for PX, and @Crisis for Community stuff.

See you all in March!

RUNES and GLYPHS removal
Anyone got a 24 hour expedite from a monument yet? 🤨

Bye Jared! Have lots of fun. We’ll try not to burn down the forums while you’re gone :sweat_smile:


And we’ll do our best so you’re not bothered by unwanted tags when you come back! Enjoy your time off! :laughing:


Enjoy your time off, bring back new frying pans


:eyes: I’m watching you


We promise to only :fire: the forums a little.



Speaking of that:

10" HexClad Pan

I’ve been meaning to replace my nonstick pan so I’m gonna try this one out.


Mods have to take a shot per Jared ping.


I don’t drink alcohol :grin:






Grape juice for Kardul

EDIT: I can take your shots for you if that will help :tumbler_glass::tumbler_glass::tumbler_glass:


Jared what brand of frying pans can be brought up to a really high heat and also be non stick? Iv’e been looking and can’t really find one.


Thanks, I will remember that you offered yourself as a shield, SKADE :smiling_imp:


A well seasoned cast iron is what I use.

On topic: Enjoy your vacation.


Nope, not allowed


That last pan throw before Jared leaves for vacation

That first pan throw when Jared gets back


Someone put a call into Joe to take over the forums for the rest of the month.

I kid, I kid, enjoy your vacation Jared


Enjoy your holiday, and have fun!


If you’re frying something you generally don’t need non-stick because there’s enough fat to prevent sticking. If you mean sauté pans, the hexclad one I linked is something I’m gonna check out while on vacation. Says it goes to 500f, though I’d never get a sauté pan that hot normally. Really, I’m guessing you probably want to be cooking on a lower temp than you are currently.

A well seasoned cast iron is all you need for the majority of sovetop cooking. I have 2 cast iron pans, 1 enameled cast iron pan, 1 dutch oven, and 1 enameled French oven that all see regular use in my kitchen.