Jared on vacation


Ah thank you. Yeah I was looking for something that closer to satué pan.


Im very much hoping Jared has one of these at his desk somewhere

“For He or She who swingeth this mighty weapon shall rule over the PX team, banishing cheaters and asshats into the void. With this Pan also comes an army of support agents who… are mostly human shaped carrier pigeons and answering machines, relaying messages of glitches, errors, hackers and whining from all across the land. May your pan chucking arm be strong, your aim true and your stream lurking skills exceeded by no one else… also free cowboy hats”


No panning for the next few weeks eh :joy::joy::joy:


That’s funny, one of my sword at my mom house have the exact same hilt.


Jared’s going away?


If everyone helps clean up afterwards, he’ll never know!



Pfft, that’s what mods are for.


Wait what? I didn’t sign for this! :dizzy_face:




Ha! That’s not how I sign Kardul :upside_down_face: so it’s fake :confounded:


:thinking: acknoledge?


I just can’t breathe now! :rofl:

We’ll do alright in the forum in Jared’s absence, I’m certain :blush:


Always have to have something that makes it an obvious fake :smiley:



Someone using Jared’s account :joy:

Unable to contact PG and they are lying to me about it ! Pathetic Company!

I’m pretty sure Jared is using Jared’s account and he should be enjoying his vacay not checking in to the forums :rofl:


It’s called lurking :evergreen_tree::eyes::evergreen_tree:

He said we likely wont “see” him


OMG… @PGJared just focus on your vacation!..
We need you fresh and focused when you get back…