Jems free fo eff typing


Baby it’s cold outside


You type like it’s cold outside :face_with_monocle:


I see someone was gullible enough to read what was on League chat :rofl::joy:


I have no idea what’s going on here but I hope it’s hilarious.


We are confused, what does “Jems free fo eff typing” mean? And how does it relate to “Baby it’s cold outside?


The weather outside is frightful…?


And the fear is so delightful!

(How am I to understand how freezing to death is delightful, but maybe the cold has got to the brain)



Are you in D2? Cuz I saw this yesterday :joy:


At least you have chance to see snow :snowflake:


I’m sure it’s rough. I don’t particularly find freezing when I’m in an ice rink teaching to be all that delightful…


There was a post in League Chat for free gems and to go type in forum “Baby it’s cold outside” Hence my comment about some being gullible.


Hey! Here’s something to warm you up!


I have no idea what’s happening in this thread, so…HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYBODY!


It was posted on Facebook that if you typed on the forums “baby it’s cold outside” you would get free gems :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Seriously. How are people tricked so easily these days?


Like, in that weird group?


What levels do you teach? That is if it is through the United States Figure skating basic skill program.

I used to ice skating, got through basic 8, but stopped at freeskate 1. I don’t like spins

That’s my book from the program: to be honest I don’t think I ever used it


So there was also a news story this morning that the PC police are protesting stations that play that Christmas song (and another that escapes me at the moment).

If you are offended by the song or the station, don’t listen to it.


Is it “Let it snow”?