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can’t remember but probably because there’s something about grabbing tight or something offensive.


Pretty sure it’s White Christmas because it either implies Christmas is a holiday only whites can properly enjoy or that a White Christmas is inherently better than any other variation of Christmas. Both of which sound like blasphemy if you ask me. Bring on the Yellow Snow Christmas




You may be thinking of Baby its Cold outside. So, the lyrics are “rapey” but during the time period if a woman just stayed the night with a man (not her husband), she was considered a whore and would get disowned and insulted. So essentially its a play on propriety and getting around the “rules of society”. There’s a huge debate on this on multiple forums. But 99% of everything should be words, actions, and context. However, people pick and chose whichever fits their prerogative more.

As for White Christmas, it was written by Irving Berlin (Beilin) a Russian born Jewish man who’s family fled Russia because of poverty and the serious anti-Semitism that was happening under the Tsar. I seriously doubt race had anything to do with his motive for writing the song. He grew up in Siberia, so if anything he probably monetized on reminiscing about the tundra. Brilliant really, especially considering he didn’t celebrate Christmas.

Edit: I agree, if you don’t like the station’s music, don’t listen to that station. Its really simple. If the lyrics are holding tight, then its probably “Santa Claus is watching you” - 'You’d better kiss and hold me tight. An’ give me good lovin’ every night. Cause you’ll be sorry if ya make me blue.’ Good old Ray Stevens being a creeper.


Yes, my post was in response to the OP of the thread saying “baby it’s cold…”

The other one that was on the news is the one I couldn’t remember. Now they are talking about pulling the animated Rudolph cartoon because of bullying and that the “misfits” insult “special” folks or some BS. Instead of focusing on the fact that Rudolph overcame the bullying and that the toys found kids to love them which was kind of the whole point of the story…

After all, who WOULDN’T want a “Charlie-in-the-box”? Or a squirtgun that shoots jelly? Yum


I agree with you 100%. Its out of hand really. The entire point of Rudolph as you said was to demonstrate you can be badass despite being different and getting picked on. People have stopped using their brains and just give ‘knee jerk reactions’ to EVERYTHING! Its exhausting. Not how to raise emotionally healthy children imo.


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