JOIN A FUN GOLD 2 offer to new members!

This week you should consider seriously about joining our team. Why?

We laugh a lot!

We train our players for the future. We have a Platinum parent team we promote into.

We are fighters! We are challenged by the best and we step up to defeat them with a 90% win in wars and we war a lot.

We have a great leadership, willing to give of themselves for your enjoyment.

We have a great core of players, tough and gritty.

You will feel like you are important to the team! Because you are!

I stepped down from the platinum team to develop players, I am looking for players that want to grow and I AM LOOKING FOR PLAYERS THAT WANT TO TEACH as well.

Those 6 reasons are better than any other team looking to recruit. We believe we are better for you if you like these 6 reasons.

MY IGN IS ChargerRT1969

I will make a custom rider or Dragon for you after a week with us.
My designs are well known and I enjoy making models for my team.

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