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Join Garrvox Unnerf Movement today and make WD a better place.

Let’s be real.Even when Barbend and Krygant is nerfed you will still use them over my boy Garrvox.

A mere festive dragon being nerfed.Did he in any way threatened your bases in his 12 weeks of existence?I assume hell no.

So do not nerf Garrvox PG.
Your stats should have little to no basis as I never see Garrvox flown against me or my teams bases.

No to Garrvox Nerf!
No to Garrvox Nerf!
No to Garrvox Nerf!
Join the Movement and make a difference


Right from nerf to stop nerfing :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Anyways Nerfs only hurt the game as much as PG’s carelessness

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PG nerf dragons and we nerf their profit.

Stop spending!!!

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Well they needed a nerf, just took a3 months which wasn’t necessary :joy:

Who the hell is Garrvox? Is this the name of someone’s imaginary friend? Are they in the room with us right now? :joy:

Kidding, yeah I dont understand this nerf. No one was flying him so really I doubt there is even much in the way of win/loss data unless they’re using it from assault. He was at least a slightly useful festive which we havent had since probably Axi. I dont really get why festives have to be so useless when they cost so much to max.


If this movement fails perhaps we can build a compilation of videos honouring his time at the top… of the assault leaderboards which seem to have distorted his win metrics?

Some zero defence runs without a consumable spell to showcase his raw power?

Or maybe using him as dragon 2 one shotting some npc boats like the boss that he was?

This guys time was tragically cut short too soon :disappointed_relieved:


Im just curious with the stats they have for him.


400k gold garrvox has more health than a high platinum (8.9m) invoker… so it’s a little excessive. But he needs so much health because he damages himself when trying to avoid damage.

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So garrvox scores very good at gold tier assault?

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With outstanding results in gold tier I think this nerf went too easy.

PG should cut Garvoxs wings off, make him swim between the islands and wrestle hand to hand melee combat with the towers!

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Given how big dragons are compared to towers, couldnt he just knock them off the island like a cat?


This is true :frowning:

If logic was involved it make the game look way to easy to make a mad dash for the exit :joy::joy::joy: