Join our new to atlas team, DivineMasters

Are you donating? Cause I’m accepting :laughing:

Not donating :joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Hey there fellow dragon enthusiasts, we still have spots open for bright eyed new players or crusty cranky veterans. You are our missing link to the best team ever! We are now for a limited time waiving the $9.99 fee and are letting you join for free. This is a deal. We have atlas , daily token bonus etc etc. come now and be Divine .

Wait a minute are these fees for elite or is it like asking for our credit cards?

Credit card numbers work :laughing:

I’m sorry but what your saying is your rather all be thief’s?

I’m sorry but I feel you wanna join our group of merry thieves :laughing:

No I’m a wolf wolves stay loyal to who they choice to be loyal to but still if you steal from people you are a degenerate.

Think they meant it as a joke wolf about the $9.99 type of thing

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I was hoping it was just atlas elite and in game elite but even if credit card jokes but still I find that some sick and twisted joke cause even hearing it in the form of a joke is messed up.

Wait till you hear we require social security numbers here :grimacing:

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Okay what the heck is wrong with people in this game? I thought people required line and other social platforms to even get into some teams but Social security? Either that or Ru is joking with me.

He’s joking


Well guess my funny bone is broken with certain humor.

Why so serious? This is a game, calm down . We don’t really want your money. Just people to join… serious time.
We don’t want your money I repeat we dont want your money. Just your dragon flying skills and companionship. So to not offend others , let me clarify we don’t want your money…did I mention we don’t want money? For those who take everything seriously . I hope I have driven that home. If not. Go buy a session with a psychologist etc etc. avoid the $9.99 value , heard it’s a scam :crazy_face:

I’ll take the money

Send it to me.

Sssshhhhh apparently that’s degenerate talk . :scream:

It’s fine I just couldn’t tell what was a joke and what was not.

I see🤔

I joined seems like a good team

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