Join our new to atlas team, DivineMasters



If I wasn’t on a kick-ass team already I’d join. How anyone couldn’t see it was a joke about money is beyond me.

Another believer! Amen brother! Send any strays my way , and I’ll put you on next years Christmas card list!

YY requires all members to have Line, share their telephone numbers, social security numbers, credit card information, and tax records. This team seems like a fair ask. However, I know several hardened players who cry soooooo.

Does this team offer penguin facts?
That’s a major decider in my choice :thinking:

I use penguin stationary , does that count?

I still haven’t found what I’m looking for ~Bono
Bored? Current team offered cookies, but they taste bad? Say no more friends . DivineMasters is not only giving world class cookies, we also have knowledge to give you high quality cpr if by chance you choke on a base and die . Fear not we will bring you back to life ! Live right and live your best life on DivineMasters.

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