Join request not working

My team has got four wars going on at the moment and have a defence quest in event. I am unable to assist in any of these things as the join request button has gone missing.
I can sent request for assistance but not render help to any of my team mate. This is particularly worrying as I am the strongest in the team.
Is there a fix to this other than deleting and reinstalling the game?

Honestly / make a pocket ID and do the delete/reinstall. This usually fixes most issues like this with ease.

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Agree, that’s what I do as well

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Is it just me or is there a persuasion for the top members of their respective teams to include “Lord” in their names?

Some of the names that pop out to me are
LordPappe, LordAF, LordRaoul, LordAldur, etc

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Let’s not forget lord farquad


I was lord aldur from level 1 and earnt my position

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I’m not saying that you didn’t, just curious that people who have that word as part of their name no matter when they started :slight_smile:

Good job earning your position

Not everyone can have their field of study as their gamertag. :grin:

Although maybe more should. FemStud, BusiAdMan, EnviroMan, ArchEng, WildTech, SpeechPathAudCommDis. …probably not the last one.

Personally I like my title: “Supreme Overlord Red”


I’d prefer my title as “Monarch of the Night”

I wish @PGCrisis would make up a special forum title for you (like where “Respected” is) that said “Supreme Overlord” since Mat and PSU both have custom ones.


Can we make this a thing??


All hail Supreme Overlord Red!

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That’d be so awesome… but considering that we do get the occasional player who’s paranoid about Red being in charge of the forums and that she goes around censoring (I think that’s the right word) people’s posts… maybe “Supreme Overlord” is opening a potential can of worms that is best left unopened :sweat_smile:

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