Join the Family ๐Ÿ˜ Plat team

We have a very laid back team, with no silly rules.
No checking medals at the end of the week or players not allowed to speak in LC. :grimacing: We are a very fun team
With an extremely active TC :joy: Thereโ€™s no drama here, lots of great members who enjoy helping others.
While laid back we still are serious players who want to win and continue growing. We have currently been bouncing around Plat leagues 2-4 trying to finish building the rest of the team and work our way to the top of Platinum and into Sapphire :grin:
Have one member that needs replaced and a couple Alts. So even if Full we can kick an Alt and bring you on :+1: The team does not have Atlas so we want to make a push and get access at the next roll out.
Looking for members level 75+ if you are a lower level but a very active player who enjoys wars & events still give me a messageโ€ฆWe can help you grow!
If this sounds like you then apply or message me in game Twitchx
Team Name KittyNSausage

We are very laid back and friendly team but wars & events are mandatory, missing a war or scoring zero points in events without notice will get you immediately kicked.


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