Join today! Be a dragon flyer extraordinaire tomorrow!

**FLY the Divine Skies

Hello fellow dragon enthusiasts, ole BBanshee here
Looking for fun ? Looking for action? Well look no further than DivineMasters. Located on the corner of War and Dragons .
We do have Atlas, and castle. No alliance . Need ya to be active and clothing my friends is optional. Birthday suit flying is on your discretion .
Have a friend , we accept alt accounts. We don’t judge your two house lifestyle. We have a max level of 150 plus but we will accept lower if you fit . We are in platinum league currently. If it fits , it sits . Come check out our team , I guarantee it’s finger lickin good :blush:
We’ll leave a light on for ya.

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Min or max? And is it really a min/max when the next half of that same sentence you admit to breaking this rule?

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Why didn’t you just bump your other reciting post instead of making a new one?


If you ain’t joining mind yo business . I prefer 150 or higher but I can accept lower , ya know we’re begging out here. But thanks for pointing out I’m breaking the law . Arrest me :joy:

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Why not? Can I not make another? Is there a law? I didn’t know I made a faux pas. But apparently the only people who look are people who wanna criticize. So doooo eeettttt ! And for the rest who don’t judge all forum chats Join us!

It was just a question not criticizing…

I was more commenting that your post is saying you won’t accept anyone OVER 150 when you meant the opposite….


Thank you for the clarification

Thank you for the correction

Join today! Be a dragon flyer extraordinaire tomorrow!

Is this a guarantee


nah…I think its more of a slogan

It could be , maximum effort gives extraordinary results

you mean min level?

Yes we already discussed it that I made an error

I have a bunch of inactive alts I can bump on yall :sleepy::nail_care:

Quick question couldn’t you just keep one thread for recruitment? Mainly cause your spamming the forums all because of something stupid happened in your other threads.

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Lol thank you

Explain stupid things , I’m just trying to recruit players. Why are you spamming my posts and recruiting? You don’t have to comment on my recruitment posts. I’m not trying to be rude , but it seems you are.

I mean Wolf commenting on your posts are bumping them so people see them more. So wolf is helping you if you think about it by replying :confused:

But being mean isn’t helpful