Joining Defense Attacks Offline

When I first downloaded this game a year ago I used to be able to join defense attacks offline by clicking the notification/banner that popped up. Game would load up and I would be in the defense room to defend my base. Now when I click the banners it just loads to my base. Been like this for awhile now so just now coming around to ask.

Whatever happened to this feature or do I not have something clicked “on” to enable this?


I used to have those notifications on too but by the time the game loaded the banner was gone and it was too late. I don’t think there’s anything you can do. It might just be the (shitty) way it works. :t_rex:

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wow, I never had this in the 2.5 years I played but I always wished it worked that way.
All we can ever do is load the game as fast as possible and use/bank/dump our RSS so it doesn’t get stolen.

I have asked for longer countdowns on banners, even joining 5 seconds late could still save the base eventually. Directly entering the defense room would be even better!

If PG can enable this for everyone it would be amazing :grin:


We join as a defender 5 seconds late** already! Another 5 seconds? Oh boy…

** attacked myself for SS quests several times, it was always the same story.

I’ve been playing a little over 2 years and have never been able to do that :scream:


One time, I managed to click the notification and game loaded fast enough that the banner was still up.

Can’t believe I’m the only one that this used to happen to. And it wasn’t just one time. Happened all the time. I had to click it as soon as it came up so it would take me straight into the defense attack. I know i wasn’t dreaming this :joy:

This happened to me a grand total of maybe 2 times coach, but yes if you were quick enough you used to be able to load the game miraculously and get into the defense. Then there came a huge time lag issue when you couldn’t even load the game to dump your RSS, you would enter game after the attack was already finished lol.


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