Journey To End Game (or atleast close to it)

Good day to everyone.

My name is Paskinel(same as my ign) and i love playing games(mmorpgs and mobas).

I played for a month year 2016 but quitted quickly for some reason but I have always wanted to come back to war dragons ever since.I got the chance to come back last august 29 and my totga has come back to me.

I plan to update this post with my progression on a weekly basis every after event.

Be reminded that i started with some resources already.Like 40k breeding tokens and 40k rubies as well.I am lvl 56 when I returned.I recently just reached green and hatched Ettin when I quitted.

With those in mind let us see how long one gets to end game from here.Hopefully some of you will join me in this journey so we can see for ourselves.

Feel free to ask me questions because I might have left out some details.

Lets go!!!

Week 20 here:


First event -Pre- Fortification

I returned August 29 and was late for PVP event in so my first actual event was Fortification.

When I came back I saw my ettin which was my first green dragon and some nostalgia came back to me.

First things I did was look for a team.Saw an invite in my mail and so I joined Feartoxin.(i recommend this team to new active players.Very very helpful Gold 1 team)

I checked the breeding castle afterwards and saw some new dragons like dodopyrr so I started breeding.
After a few hours I have lots of new dragons and my tokens went down from 40k to 28k.
I realized I have to be 63 to be able to breed other legendary green and few gold epics(yersinu) so from 56 I levelled myself to 63.

I was thinking of ways that would make farming chests a little better or faster.So I decided that I would bookmark people level 30-45.People that have bases that can be auto by my green dragons and orange like amarok.

After adding 30 good bases I started chest farming.

I did not have anything to do before fortification so I simply farmed for chests.Its one thing I remember from playing years ago that will help me catch up fast.

After pvp event that I didnt participated in I roughly have around 1200 bronze chests from 3 days of farming.


I was planning on a good level to reach as I saw in forums that I need to have a good plan for each event since event pattern is easily predicted.
I saw that level 84 was a good level to reach.Since I can max out greens and orange tier dragons level at 84.After a day in the event I reached level 84 but after getting Gilas I saw that its tier is adjusted depending on what tier your latest legendary dragon is at right now.So I researched and found out that at level 108 I can breed sapphire(im following reds best).

I ended the event at 108 needing to consume all my 3 mins timers and just 1 minute timers was all that remained to me. I was following the advise of people in forums to open up chests during pvp events so I didnt open up any of my chests.

After event Im level 108 with gilas at green tier.
All my dragons were maxxed out on level after this event.
I have 200 healing pots remaining from 800 when I came back.

A problem arise though. My auto farming method was yielding less chests as the base I was farming was too low(checked on forums).So drop rate dropped too.

I tried adding up bases ranging from 50-70 but only my gilas can clear them on auto and some like Danzig,Hugin,Munin and others has to be semi auto(clicking skills while on auto).

After event I also left my helpful team because I am ungrateful bastard who wants to have an atlas because everyone is saying its important.

So I left for a Plat 4 team which sadly was promoted to Plat 3 for the next pvp event.Which isnt what I have in mind.I wanted just plat 4 so I have a chance to beat other lowbies since my best dragon is Gilas followed by Yersinu and green legendaries.

So as a summary I went from 56-108.
maxxed out my dragons and also got gilas to green(Gilas is carrying me).
Im only like 20% on gilas line.
Also have 3500 around bronze chests.
20 gold chests and 2 platinum chests from a week or so of farming.
Total of 50k rubies atm.Impt to note my rubies as I will open everything I have next week to try and finish Gilas.
Team was 7/8 My first legendary rune.

Thats my first week back.Thanks and God bless.



Good luck!!!

Try to join a decent team as soon as you can. You may need to switch a few teams early on.

You will be needing an atlas team asap ( for the extra 1hr timers - will be hard to score points in flight for glory but easier in other two )

And then aim for a team that does 8/8 in events.

As soon as possible start saving chests to open in the new season it will take a few seasons but well worth it and should speed up growth.

Good luck and hope you get there in under 3 years.


Looks fun.

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Week 2 Temple Raid Event ( The Ungrateful Bastard)

I left my nice team and went to an atlas team but my new team does not own a castle.While only using Gilas I farm all day with beasts.I was training troops while having so much Gold excess and since we do not have a castle I was sending my excess gold to teammates.Only gilas could do 108 invader so I have to use lots of heal pots.

As event started I opened up all my chests and gold chests.Also used up all my rubies to open gold chests as I needed all sigils to try and finish gilas on week 2.

I also got 400+ energy packs,600+ IF and lots of timers.

After consuming everything I am a page short but luckily I can still farm 4 more days and will get some rubies from event as well as some sigils and a lot of bronze chests as I do event.

The event was a little hard for me.Since I only have Gilas which is fire.Other teams on platinum 3 does not have lowbies that a Gilas on green tier can hit.

Luckily I found someone on Solodom a lvl 84 with no flaks on his base and I attack him.I attacked him all day.Using basic attacks and refilling 4 times every 12 basically 110 attacks around or so per 12 hrs.

The bastard me ended up with 200k pts somehow with basic attacks earning 83 pts and 166 with IF.I cannot earn much thru guards since my teammates do megas on them.

I was ranked first on a platinum 3 team so I knew something was wrong.So I decided the Ungrateful bastard me will move to an atlas team with a castle.I simply checked who was rank 1 on the pvp event and I joined them.Luckily I was accepted by EODP even as a useless and ungrateful bastard that I am.

I opened all bronze chests I got also opening gold chests with rubies I have and after that I finished Gilas line including the first page of base boost branch.

As a summary.I luckily finished Gilas line and first page of base boost.
Left with 200+ energy and 200+ IF too.
I farmed 3000+ bronze chest this week btw.
Team was 5/8

Thats it.Thanks.I was very excited for the next event though.

PS I still have difficulties with chest farming as i have to semi auto or even manual some runs when its a mage like Munin.Luckily event gives free chest every run i do.

Third week here


This will be a thread to watch. I hope your journey will be fun, I know mine was and still is.


Week 3 Breeding Event -
The Ungrateful But Excited bastard(and lucky too)

I am very excited for this event.I planned for this event for so long.Getting to 108.Total of 230k tokens.

I played and after a few hours I have breed All Legendary Golds,All Legendary Plats(except quartz) and Sekhem,Scorchil and Anapa.
And quickly got my Gilas to Platinum.I cannot get him to Sapphire because of Den Restriction.

I was very happy but afteer all that breeding I only have 62k pts.Not even enough for the 7/8 target.
My only choice is to level up to 114 and lvl up breeding and incubator.Which will consume a good two months of my timer.I ask for advice and they said just to stay at 108 and not to waste timers.

So I was a little embarassed not reaching 80k to help out my new team.So I just decided to make up for it next week.

So as a summary,I am ungrateful for leaving my past 2 teams.The excited me did not get much points but on the bright side i have more tokens for next breeding.But still very lucky to be on my new team as they smashed the event.Another first.

Oh atlas update…

My new team said that I should just build and build troops for now.

I also got the basic 4 riders and geared them up with 1000 power so they can start farming breeding tokens and timers for me.mwahahahahaha.

After this event my Gilas has 10b power with 3/8 Elite Gear.

I also solved my auto farming problem since I have 10 dragons or so that can auto a 108 invader.Gilas,sekhem,scorchil,anapa,rizar,kelvin,kaiju,whalegnawer,consurgens and others.So I was in atlas farming beasts whole week.

I farmed 2000+ bronze chests this week.

Btw I dont use my diamonds to speed up training.
I use game timers.Everyone says this is not right but I wanted to use my diamonds to open up chests.10 for 4k diamonds.Idk why I do this but I feel I will catch up faster this way.

Thats it thanks.Team was 6/8 all because of the unuseful me.

Week 4 here


oh you are here madam.Hahahahaha

yup … keeping an eye on you even when I’m not in game :rofl:

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I remember when I farmed chests and did 30 invaders a day. Now I do like 2


I used to play a little a long time ago and came back recently as well, but I never make this kind of progress Imma start doing things better now. Thanks for this and good luck on your journey.


Week 4 - Crystal Event
The Exhausted But Fulfilled Bastard

This weeks pvp like the last pvp I do not have a single clue on what to do.But I saw a forum posts and a team officer post saying that this event is the easiest event to reach a good score.
Knowing this I opened all my bronze chest at start of event.I also opened my chests daily to keep my score high.
I was surprised how high I score.As my team was a very coordinated one.
We maxxed out our buffs including VP multiplier at 125% on round 21.
I was planning to get 320k since I can score 8-9k on first 10 unique dragon I use and after 25 rounds only with that bonus I will have around 200k so 320k was looking very comfortably easy to hit.
Since we hit multiplier max very early I made some mistakes on calculations and by 4th day I was projected to end up at 340k.
After knowing this I played my heart out refilling until I know I can hit 400k.After the 24th round I hit 400k with one round to spare and for the first time in 4 days I slept more than 4 hrs.
I never missed a round.Except the last one.Our team was 25/25 never dropping a round.
Not everything was smooth.There was a round I was unable to use ten unique dragons as the lowest member of another team was a lvl 163 with 7 million defense.I was only able to use 8 dragons.

After reaching 400k and placing a good 5th spot on my team.I was very proud of myself.Finally I was able to be useful.

This week I started recruiting for my team in league chat.Some of you might have seen me and I am sorry for spamming in league chat.

This week since I have lots of sigils like 10k++.I decided to finish half of mission branch and first page of rider branch just to get 3 riders and keep them on lvl 12.

I placed grogg on Sekhem and other two on other dragons.

As for my atlas I finally reached 100k troops.
I do not have atlas elite but I train troops every 3 hours.
Our daily tribute btw is 880 tokens.
I am doing pretty well too on event.Usually around rank 10 on team just by killing beasts.
I also opened 60k worth of diamonds on chests.
I got a lot of everything so it was good.
Im using 5* token mission to get more eggs fast.
I use 500k gold packs everytime when i just logged in to start the day.So it wont take some time to start training troops.

Next week is another exciting week.Fortification.
I have prepared 1200 days of timers.Hopefully I can reach my goal.

Team reached 7/8
Farmed around 2000+ bronze chests this week.Opened them all daily though.

Thanks and God bless.

Week 5 here


This was very fun to read and I look forward to your continued journey! Since I started playing barely a year ago, this all sounds very familiar, but you are definitely blazing through things faster than I did.

Edited to remove the unsolicited advice, since it also seems unnecessary. Good luck and have fun!


Week 5 Fortification Event
The Angry Wife

Before the event comes I normally farm 1000 rubies per day on days that there are no chests to farm.Sometimes I am able to farm less than 1000 since I treat it as a day off on war dragons but most of the time I farm more than 1000.

After researching for a good level to reach I decided that I would stop at level 190.
At level 190 you can breed Obsidian Dragons and Max out Emerald dragons to cap.
I have prepared 1200+ days of timers and in case It is not enough I have a lot of gold chests.I checked out the Cosmic Orrery branch and bought up to 9 the 14 plat chests and also got some more timers.To be sure I also check out Somnus and found a 144 12 hrs timer so I purchased them with sigils its number 5 I think and I stopped from there.Also the electrums from Cosmic was useful since 5 years ago there were no electrums so I do not have a good howi.Mine was like level 10 before the event started.I am planning to merge my towers since my Island has a lot of low level buildings but I will do it once I hit level 190.Small problem for me was that my Storage was level 27 and I have to hit level 54 to upgrade my Castle to be able to breed Obsidians.I also have to level up both my Incubator and castle 3 times each so that would consume a lot of timers.
On the first day I slowly got to 190 with a lot of help from my team.This is the day I farmed the least amount of chests.Only got 120 mainly because I was following flights of other high level teammates so I could get some wood.I also was given so many resources and I have to watched them once at 15 mins around so I needed to stop farming and make sure I have used it up before I can attack again.There is also this issue that when your teammates send you resources with 10-15 seconds in between sometimes they dont register or they come at the same time to your account not giving you time to use it.

After hitting 190 I was a little happy because I have managed to make one good island.I made the second small Island in to what they say a “kill island”.I placed a red and blue mage towers with a DF,IF and EF.I was debating with FF or EF but I guess i chose the shield over atk debuff.I dont worry about it too much since it can be fixed anytime anyways.

Also my gilas reached 36m unboosted power after being able to evolve it to sapphire and hitting level 40.Second highest for me was my Sekhem that reached 20.7m unboosted with a rider that is 1/8 Elite and the rest is legendary lvl 1’s.I finally felt I am getting a little stronger.hahahahaha.My defense also shoot up to 75mil after I placed anapa on my perch with 1/8 elite gear and rest was legendary and epic mix.

After reaching 190 though a big problem arise.The power of invaders at 190 is 60m.
Same as my gilas but its boosted.My gilas cannot auto anymore this invaders.I have to do it semi auto now.After gilas no one else could do it semi auto.Since those cannons hits so hard.Now I need to find a way to be able to farm chests and medals.After a little thinking I decided to go back to my old farming ways.So I added level 110+ long bases that does not have a howi.The defense power should range 1-3 mil.This way I could do full auto and leave it be.I am not worried about chest rate % dropping because after a month of farming chests I found out that even in if you hit a low defense base and use a dragon with x50 power of the def base you will have the same chest drop %.The most important thing for me was that the level of the base is higher than the mission base stated limit and that the base actually is not an xp base with mills and main island only.This is my opinion only btw.

From now on I only hit invaders until I have multipliers and stop and start to farm the bases I bookmarked.It was good to be able to auto farm bases again.I will go back to farming invaders once I have breed emerald and obsidian dragons I can use to farm that will have 50m++ atk power but for now I will stick to these bases.

Team also reached 8/8 on the first day and team has a very big lead on rank.This would be 4 straight events we will be getting rank 1 with a very big margin as usual.Also big thanks to our team bank for lending me some gold so I can make troops non stop. Thanks mam Lima.Luckily I have donated 20++m last 3 weeks so I am not too embarrassed to ask for 4m.

I have fixed the farming problem but suddenly a bigger problem presented itself the wife anger issue problem.Hahaha.
Wife was unhappy that I played all day so to lessen her anger I compromised and said I will lessen my playing time to play with kids and focus more on work.

Account update:
Score reached 6m
Level 108 to 190
Defense power from 5m to 75.5m
Best 3 dragons so far.
Gilas 60m boosted
Sekhem 35boosted
Rizar 15m boosted
and yes I love Hunters they can auto invader bases fast.

Acct Details:
Drac Chests:5
Chests Farmed this week:1300+(worst this season)

Also reached 40m medals this week.
This week medals is 4.8m only.My lowest too since I came back.

First week is 5m+
2nd weeks is 6m+
3rd week is 7m+
4th week is 5m+
This week is -5m LOL

Thanks for reading.God bless.

Week 6 here


That’s still a lot of chests haha

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Happy wife, happy life. :wink:


im actually still farming but its our anniv tomorrow so I cannot post tomorrow hehehe.ty for reading bro


thats just the reality now bro hahahaha

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This Week is starting good got my Mythic Ammo as well as 3 more useful mythic runes in 600 silver chests.


I opened 140 gold chests btw here is the legendary sequence in case anyone would open.
starts from where I started.

3 hr timer
Mystic Frags
3k Egg token
12 hr timer
Egg tokens
Mystic Fragments
Energy packs
3 hr timer
Energy packs
Energy packs
3 hr timer
Mystic frags
12 hr timer
3 hr timer
3 hr timer
Energy packs
3 hr timer
Energy packs
12 hr timer
Mystic Frags
12 hr timer