Juggernauts Recruiting


We are currently in Platnium 3 but we are pushing back up to sapphire! We lost a lot of our core members due them being done with the game. That’s what caused us to drop back down to Platnium. We need a few big guns to help us make the push back to sapphire, so if you interested shoot me a mail in game. Names scottyb85 or you can message me here. We would like to find us a good 280-300+ member to help us get back to sapphire and get settled back in.


We have just about everyone we need now besides a strong 290-300+ member. Come check us out and help us push onwards to sapphire! We moved back to Platnium 2 yesterday and we’re not far from Platnium 1 now!


Juggernauts - active and friendly team is stil for a few new members. We are currently in Platinum 2. We have beta (atlas).
If this sounds good for you, write to anyone from the officers.


We are looking for few new teammates or team to merge.


Still looking for new players.


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