Jump in Anuba cost


I know we were forwarned but it feels like sigils drops were dropped to nearly zero when Anuba was introduced late in the event and now the sigil cost is just :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:. What’s the deal? Where are the sigils???


Sigh… this has been covered MULTIPLE times
Just another day on the forums
Edit: and I’m pretty sure it’s been dealt with


power goes up = price goes up too - This is also explained in the in-game pop up.

Early adopters who took the gamble win, pretty much.


I knew Anuba would be expensive and would increase in cost. That is not the reason I posted . I am frustrated that I am not seeing sigils and I am opening a lot of chests. I’m not trying to spam or get blasted for asking a question. I just want to know what is going that there are hardly any sigils dropping and I haven’t seen anyone really address that.
I want Anubis to get the evolution stones but it feels impossible🤷‍♀️


Fortification Frenzy isn’t friendly when it comes to drop you know. There are a lot of items inside the drop table.

From what I remember, you can get the following that is related to FF event:

Black Pearl
Ice/Fire Shard
Elemental Ember
Lumber Pack
1/3/12 Hour Speed Ups

You should at least save it until the next event or you should have done it during the previous set of events. Like the Fight Pits, it only has energy pack and inner fire.

Only open chest in fortification if you want the other items and not sigils specifically. more items in the drop table, the less likely that you will get the item that you want.


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