Jumping banners affecting migraine, visual comfort in game

I get migraines and the jiggling banners telling me an event is in progress are really irritating in my peripheral vision. Flashing ticks to tell us a chest needs opened or a goal achieved are also sometimes a bit much. I would contend these aren’t particularly necessary to the game and wonder if PG would consider calming things down for migraine sufferers and also others with visual or attention issues.

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Hey Erebus,

That’s a great suggestion! I don’t know the ins and outs of how our banner system functions, but it’s definitely food for thought. We try to use those visual indicators as a way to clearly let players know when there are new chests to open, or new events to participate in, etc. Once you get used to the process, though, it would be cool to have an option to disable them. I can bring your suggestion to the team, but can’t guarantee anything past that. Thank you for posting!

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Not trying to be snarky but all the blowing up stuff and shields flashing, dragon shots etc… Don’t give you migraines?

I know when I have one I have to hide in a dark room with a cold cloth on my head.

Frankly I think the microscopic fonts really contribute to eye strain and such for those of us who do not play on a tablet but I digress.


On the farm we deal with defend banners as if they were permanent. It would be an awesome idea if we could disable them please :smile:. I suffer brain lesions and in turn migraines.


Oddly no, it’s the ones at the side that get me if I’m heading that way anyway. I do play in a tablet tho, couldn’t cope with phone size at my age!

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Yes, wish we could get them to stay still. Apart from anything we do generally know there’s an event in progress!

Thanks @Crisis, I would guess players with other non- neurotypical conditions eg autism would benefit from having options too.

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