June Atlas Mechanics Patch

This coming week, Atlas will be updated with a number of mechanics changes that aim to reduce some of the gameplay friction. Please note that Flying Primarchs will be trialed for a period of time to assess any major gameplay and performance issues that might arise before committing it to Atlas for the long run.

Primarch Changes

  • [LIVE] Primarch Summon time is now 60 minutes for any Primarch.
  • [LIVE] [TRIAL PERIOD ONLY] Primarchs may now fly directly to any friendly, neutral, or No Man’s Land (NML) castle.
    • As a reminder, enemy castles can only be moved to as long as your Primarch is on a castle right next to it and they are connected by a road.
    • Team Portals were more restrictive than direct travel and will be removed.
    • To balance direct travel, movement speed will be slightly reduced.

Infrastructure Changes

  • [LIVE] Blockade delay time now scales with Fort level, starting at 5 minutes up to 60 minutes (down from 4 to 12 hours).
  • [LIVE] Fog of War no longer affects Primarchs and Castle Guards. You can see enemies’ armies (but not their Barracked Troops) from anywhere on the map.

Resource Changes

  • [LIVE] Minimum Gold payout from Gold Mine attacks increased to 5x from the previous 1x.
    • Regular daily multiplier is unchanged, starting at 30x and decreasing by 1x with each attack down to 11x, but any Gold Mine attacks after 20 attacks reward 5x of the baseline Gold amount instead of the current 1x.
      i.e. Gold Mine attacks go 30x, 29x, 28x, 27x, …12x, 11x, 5x, 5x, 5x
  • [LIVE] The Refinery will no longer impact personal or team event prizes.
  • [LIVE] Personal event prizes now reward a greater baseline number of crafting materials than before.

[UPDATED June 5, 2018 3:13 AM] Base Gold multiplier increasing from 3x to 5x.


How much greater? 2x, 3x, 10x?

We have an ETA more specific than this week? Maybe which day this we will start to take effect?

Are primach attacks disableded during this trial period? What does the trial period mean for attacking other primarchs?

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On the order of 10x if your team did not previously own any refineries.
EDIT: Less for teams that had more refineries.

No. The patch should be able to rollout without any downtime, and attacking will not be disabled (other than usual reasons like event shields triggering, etc.).

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Sounds good at first read. Won’t be able to hit people circling my portal anymore though. :neutral_face:

What do you mean?

missed a word; will update

As in, Next Week?

Sounds good brother hope it all gos well

This is exciting. Looking forward to seeing this play out. Hopefully it doesn’t crash all of Atlas hahah

Just double checking, this means you can “fly” over hostile castles to get from friendly/neutral to another friendly/neutral area even if your castle is completely surrounded?

Please make it so this can’t happen to others like our team lost 5 castles due to cheating

if it’s 10x, then it should be 550 for the first one going up to 1K+ since first reward gives 55 shards each.

Pretty good to be honest since I can normally reach almost half the event rewards from playing casually (depending on the event though)

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Trapping and killing prims while a sheild is up was BS all the way and that’s photographic proof it happend

yep !

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To elaborate on Dave’s comment about the personal rewards going up 10x if you owned no refineries before… this will be true at first. That said… we are going to be adding new types of prizes to personal progression in the near future which will require rebalancing of the remaining prizes. This means crafting materials specifically may not stay at 10x their value. The total value of all the prizes will definitely be a huge increase, but that value will get distributed across various items as we add new items.


@PGEggToken / @PGDave can I request a detailed data on this. Fort Level to time of blockade?

  • with this, can we scaled down with the amount of golds to upgrade the Fort. (I know there is a change with gold payout but the amount to upgrade is still insane)
  • can we change the setup where an enemy Primarch can still lock on your castle even if the shield is up?

What about atlas chests??since there are atlas events, shouldnt u give some chests on personal prizes to compensate removed keystones?keystones was one of the biggest help to get rider shards…now they are removed it is so hard to get rider shards except primarch/rider level up event…at least put some atlas chests instead of keystones

Making the base gold mine payout 3x instead of 1x is really not the boost in gold I was hoping for :rofl::rofl: