June Atlas Mechanics Patch


I was wondering what is “x” is equivalent to. Or how much gold is “x”


3X on every attack is what we need. So initial attack would be around 600k for first attackmof the day.


No sorry to tell you. For your example: 30x will be 200k, 11x will be 75k. Then it goes to 3x instead of 1x which is 20k gold instead of 7k


Odie needs to learn how to read :face_with_monocle:


Any word on when the keystone/chest mechanic will be changed/reinstated?


And @PGDave why does it matter whether u had refinineries before? Just curious why someone on a team with less refineries would get more crafting material from prizes.


Think he means that since refineries are no longer going to affect personal prizes, you have to disregard that aspect for the x10 to be an accurate figure (I think)


We already get close to 200k gold on the first attack. Tripling that would be about 600k. You’re welcome for the math education tonight.


They stated it’s x3 of the last attack, not the first one. Instead of it being 7k per attack it’ll be 21k after you finish your 20 runs. Like I said, learn how to read


No. Stop and listen and understand basic mechanics before you make yourself look like an idiot (too late oops)

You get multipliers on your gold runs each day.
They are just like your dragon XP multipliers.

They start at 30x for the first run of the day and go consecutively down to 11x, then jump to 1x.
Dave states and even shows you an example that after your first 20 attacks (your 30x to 11x multipliers) that the baseline turns to 3x instead of 1x.

Read it again.
Then read it again.

Basics, young grasshopper basics.


As an official note, this will absolutely zero difference in 99.9% of players who stop running invader once their runs are done. 6.7k gold to 20k gold is still not worth it.

If it were 10x and stayed there, sure i’d run it. But not for 3x.


I agree with mech. I think something a bit higher than 3 would entice more individuals.


3x should be raised soon. Keep an eye out for the announcement.


+5 minutes per Fort level.


Really this is so stupid!!! Both of them…

Make the blockade timer go up to 6hrs…(60 min is to short, maybe go from 30min to 6hrs)
if a team wants them to pass quicker they will give passage.

Fog of war was great…
instead of getting rid of it you could have incorporated scouting( 1 scout dragon per hr or 3hrs, alwaying a team to see what is at 1 castle but not reveling everything people have at all castles.


I thought I misread it the first time. :flushed:
+5 minutes per upgrade of Fort is very short. I thought it goes an incremental increase from initial +5 minutes. So it seems you need to upgrade the Fort 12x to get to 60minutes of shield. :grimacing:
Ohh Gold where art thou?


60min(1hr) is to short to summon primarch!!!
This is basically saying it is ok to summon and kill primarch over and over with out being punished, aka suicide prims over and over to defend bases like the 1 troop problem in the past
make it 6hrs ( I personally liked 12hrs)

As for traveling I like being able to travel to friendly and neutral territory’s, as for NML I think you should have to have a land bordering it…


Poor Mech, you are focusing on the wrong thing. I already know we get that multiplier of X30. It needs to be tripled to start the day to make a dent in th amount of gold we need for things.

So to make things simple for you:

Instead of starting the day at X30, it should start at X90.


They could triple the base gold from roughly 6.5k per run to 19-20k, which would result in the same thing.

Nice try on trying to make someone look stupid.


To cool things down. I think PG have missed out to list the items that should be included in this Atlas Update.
How about can we already see expected glitches and bugs coming with this update :man_facepalming::man_shrugging:


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How far we could have come already…